Alcohol Education Resources - Stay Safe !

"Good Samaritan Clause"

No student seeking medical treatment for abuse of alcohol or use of drugs, or assisting another student in obtaining such medical treatment, will be subject to College discipline for using alcohol or drugs or for providing alcohol or drugs to the student she has assisted.

Women and Alcohol

Friends and Alcohol

When to Get Help: call Campus Police at x 5555, off campus, dial 911

  • If the person is: Vomiting (even only ONCE!!)
  • Has a poor awareness of her surroundings
  • Difficulty speaking or identifying herself
  • Exhibiting threatening behavior; uncooperative or unruly
  • Confusion or disorientation
  • Having difficulty breathing Has a fever or the chills
  • Passed out; unable to be aroused
  • Seems to be paranoid
  • Injured


  • Facts on Tap: information for students on drugs and alcohol
  • Alcohol Self Test

Safe Drinking Tips For You:

  • Party with people who care about you and your well being
  • Plan ahead: How long will you be there? What is your drink limit? How will you get home?
  • Eat before and during drinking
  • Avoid punches
  • Alternate alcoholic with non-alcoholic beverages;
  • drink slowly; use ice
  • Avoid playing drinking games or accepting a drink you haven’t poured yourself
  • Avoid carbonated mixers or sodas – carbonation increases the rate of alcohol absorption into the bloodstream
  • Consume no more than one alcoholic beverage per hour
  • Caffeine or cold showers do not work for increasing sobriety

Safe Drinking Tips For a Friend:

  • Help a friend stay sober by choosing not to drink with them
  • Make a plan about how much they will drink and help them stick to that
  • Check in on them frequently
  • Help them remember to eat before and after drinking and to drink non-alcoholic beverages between drinks
  • Develop code words to let each other know if you are not feeling safe
  • Don’t leave them alone if they are unable to care for themselves

call Campus Police at x 5555, off campus, dial 911