How will I get my prescription?
A clinician or nurse will call your prescription in to the pharmacy of your choice. The Health Service works very closely with Andrews Pharmacy, a local independent pharmacy which delivers prescriptions directly to The Health Service. This is an efficient, secure and private means for on-campus prescription deliveries. There is also a CVS in downtown Wellesley, about a 5 minute walk from Health Services.

What should I do if my prescription has not been delivered to The Health Service?
Contact Andrews (781.235.1001) to check on the status of your prescription.

How will I pay for my prescription?
Students need to either call Andrews Pharmacy, or visit their web site at and click on the tab for Wellesley Students to give them a current credit or debit card number which a co-pay will be charged to. Be sure to provide Andrews with your insurance information as well. If using any other pharmacy, be sure to bring your insurance card with you when picking up your prescription.

College insurance: Prescription contraceptives and brand-name drugs - $10.00 co-pay, generic medications – $20.00 co-pay. Private insurance: Co-payment varies with medication and insurance plan

What if I need a refill?
Check your prescription label. There may be refills available. If so, call the pharmacy and the refill will be prepared for you. If you need a refill and none are left on your prescription, the pharmacy will send us a refill authorization form; we will call you if an appointment is needed prior to authorizing more refills. We and the pharmacy will need at least 24 hr (or next business day) to process the request.

What if I have a prescription written by a clinician outside of the Health Service?
If you have college insurance you may bring the original prescription to the Health Service and it will be relayed to Andrews. If you have private insurance you may have the prescription relayed to Andrews or you may take the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

Prescription Delivery Policy from Andrews Pharmacy 781.235.1001

  • Prescriptions are released and delivered from Andrews ONLY IF Andrews receives the student’s credit or debit card number which may be kept on file at the pharmacy for one school year.
  • Students must arrange an alternative means of picking up their prescriptions from Andrews if they are paying by cash or personal check.
  • Students must present their Wellesley College ID for prescription pick-up. If a student instructs another student to pick-up her prescription, she must provide her with her ID. Prescriptions will not be released without an ID.
  • Prescriptions will be held in Health Service for 72 hours, after which time they will be returned to Andrews automatically.
  • No money or receipts will be exchanged at the Health Service.
  • Prescriptions will be delivered in the evening of the day prescribed, unless the student is directed otherwise by Andrews.