Primary Care

Primary Care is the medical care you get in the office from your doctor or nurse practitioner when you first come for a check up or for a problem. 

They are generalists trained to evaluate a broad range of medical issues.  They may recommend additional evaluation or more complex treatment and refer you to a specialist. 

What is a Nurse Practitioner? 

Please feel free to look at the Faculty / Staff section of the website to read the brief biographies of our staff. 


Medical emergencies? Call campus police x5555


Contact Us

Wellesley College Health Service

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Phone: 781.283.2810
Fax: 781.283.3693 *Please note that staff may not read or respond to messages for several days. E-mail is not a secure form of communication.  The confidentiality of private and sensitive information cannot be assured. E-mail is not appropriate for urgent or emergency situations.*

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