Does Your Study Abroad Program Require a Physical?

If so, it is important to allow enough time to do this. Make your appointment early so that you can get all forms completed and returned to your program on time. Call x2810 to make aTravel Medicine appointment prior to December 15th and May 15th each semester.  Health Service clinicians can administer CDC recommended immunizations during your visit.  For optimum immunity, obtain immunizations 4-6 weeks prior to departure.

Click HERE for continually updated CDC travel health information regarding international health notices, immunization requirements, and recommendations specific for your destination(s).

Click HERE for our Wellesley College specific information for traveling abroad.

It is also important to take care of any health issues prior to foreign travel. In addition to seeing a clinician, make dental appointments and refill all prescription medications you take regularly to avoid any problems while away.


     Do You Need More Than A Months Worth of Medication While Traveling Abroad?

If you have the Wellesley College Health Insurance plan, please follow these directions

If you have private insurance, we encourage you to call the insurance company directly.


Pre-Departure Planning Tips:

Consider how you can get the support you need while abroad with chronic medical or mental health issues. Anticipate how the psychosocial stress of an international experience might exacerbate any condition and have a plan for the "what if's".


Travel Clinics In the Boston Area

accepting HMO or PPO Health Insurance include, but are not limited to:         

1. Newton Wellesley Hospital, Newton  

2. Beth Isreal Hospital, Boston   

3. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston 

4. Mount Auburn Hospital, Cambridge  

Other local Travel Clinic which does NOT accept insurance for travel visits:

1. Doctors Express, Natick 


Please be mindful to book appointments 4-8 weeks prior to departure for optimum vaccination effectiveness, per CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Be sure to upload copies of any vaccinations you receive to your Patient Portal for future reference.