Non-Study Abroad Travel


CWS and All Non-Study Travel Abroad

Our goal at Health Services is to work with you in preparing you for a safe and wonderfully rich travel experience.


I just found out I’m traveling abroad...what should I do next?

Visit the CDC’s travel website for continually updated information regarding international health notices, immunization requirements, and recommendations specific to destinations you are considering for your travel abroad experience.

Immunizations and other travelers health services are available at Health Service by scheduling a travel medicine appointment.

How do I schedule a Travel appointment in Health Service?

  1. Call during business hours to schedule a 30 minute travel appointment
  2. Complete the Pre-Travel Screening Form and submit to Health Service in person prior to your appointment
  3. Arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment

*Travel medicine appointments are available prior to December 15th and May 15th each semester.

I need an off campus appointment- where should I go?

  Click here for off campus Travel Clinics in the area

Do you need more than a months worth of medication while traveling?

If you have the Wellesley College Health Insurance plan, please click here to obtain additional months of medication.

If you have private insurance, check with you insurance company direcly.

Pre-Departure Planning Tips:

Consider how you can get the support you need while abroad chronic medical or mental health issues. anticipate how the psychosocial stress of an international experience might exacerbate any condition.

Have a plan in place should exacerbations in health issues occur.

Vaccinations should be received 6 weeks prior to departure for optimal immunity.

Obtain extended supplies of any medications you take regularly.

Ensure both your routine health and dental needs are up to date.


Medical emergencies? Call campus police x5555


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