Alexander the Great
Postwar Europe and the Three Germanies
History of the American West
Pursuits of Happiness: America in the Age of Revolution
Political Economy
Making of the Modern World Order
The Life and Times of C. Iulius Caesar

Courses Offered


                                                                           Spring 2016 Courses


HIST 205 The Making of the Modern World Order                    HIST 213 Conquest and Crusade in the Medieval Mediterranean                 HIST 214 Medieval Italy
Professor Tak Matsusaka, more                                               Professor Valerie Ramseyer, more                                                               Professor Valerie Ramseyer, more


HIST 221

HIST 224/324

HIST 229/329

HIST 240

HIST 242

HIST 244

HIST 260

HIST 272

HIST 277

HIST 311

HIST 319

HIST 325

HIST 354

HIST 395




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