The History Department awards three essay prizes each year.

The Barnette Miller Prize $300

For the best essay in the field of international relations, broadly construed. The essay must have been done originally for a History Department course. All students are eligible to compete.

The Bollard Prize $300

For the best essay in the field of United States history (with preference given to constitutional history). All students are eligible to compete.

The Erasmus Prize $300

For the best essay on an historical subject, with no restriction as to topic. All students are eligible to compete. Papers offered for another prize may not be submitted.


Application Requirements:

For all three prizes, the papers written for honors or for two terms of 350 are not eligible. Other course or seminar papers can be entered, but no student may submit more than one paper for a given prize. The prizes are awarded in May. If the winners are seniors, the announcement is made at commencement rehearsal. Papers should be typed and documented with footnotes and bibliography.

One clean copy of the paper (undesignated course and no professor's comments) should be submitted to the History Department office in Founders 202A no later than Monday, April 4, 2016. Names of prize winners will be announced during the second week of May.   

Papers are to be submitted with a pseudonym. Please place your paper in a large envelope that is clearly labeled with the name of the essay prize for which you are applying.  Also include a sealed  envelope containing a document with your real name, paper title, your student ID number, your summer address, and the course for which the paper was written.