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Founders Hall - home of the History Department
Professor Quinn Slobodian
Professor Brenna Greer
Professor C. Pat Giersch
HIST201 The Rise of the West? Europe 1789–2003
HIST340 Seminar. Seeing Black: African Americans and U.S. Visual Culture
HIST372 Seminar. Chinese Nationalism and Identity in the Modern World
Founders Hall
Founders Hall
The Margaret Clapp Library
Founders Hall - home of the History Department

The History Experience at Wellesley

Wondering what makes Wellesley’s History Department unique?  Read what students have to say!  To see a list of courses currently offered, please visit our Curriculum.  And don't forget to check out You Are Here for more inside information about life at Wellesley!  See the Parents & Families page for more information on family events and involvement.

Why did you decide to major in History?

“Before coming to Wellesley, I never thought I could major in History.  I’m not really a strong writer.  But my first class at Wellesley was with Professor Matsusaka and everything was so interesting!  He really appreciates students and their ideas.”

-Jessica Fan, History & Economics, 2014

“All the professors in the department are truly brilliant.  I leave every class thinking about the material in a completely new way, and can’t wait to do the next reading!  That’s how I know I’ve found my passion.”

-Emily Gell, International Relations-History, 2014  

How have your experiences with your advisor been?

“I knew I wanted to focus on American History, and I was doing well in Professor Greer’s [an Americanist] class and really loved her as a professor.  She’s so nice and approachable.  I asked her to be my advisor last week and I’ve already met with her twice for advice!”

-Hadley Chase, History, 2015

“I’ve received a tremendous amount of support from my advisor, as well as the entire faculty.  I remember one professor telling me, “It doesn’t matter who signs your major declaration form; we all feel like your advisor.”

-Camila Connolly, History & Spanish  2013

"My advisor genuinely cares about his students, as do all the professors in the department.  He's taken the time to get to know me well and even forwards me emails with topics or opportunities he knows I would be interested in!"

-Celeste Zumwalt, History, 2015

What is the overall atmosphere of the History Department?

“The atmosphere of the History Department is wonderful, and why I chose the major.  All the professors are supportive and aware of the students in their department.  It was easy to get to know them all, as well."

-Hadley Chase, History, 2015

“It’s easy to meet professors without even having taken a class with them, and it’s great that I can chat with professors about everything, not just class!”

-Jessica Fan, History & Economics, 2014

"History is a difficult subject, but the faculty and students in the department are very relaxed.  The students are much more focused on learning and getting the most from than material than the grade itself."

-Celeste Zumwalt, History, 2015   

What resources are available to those needing help with History classes?

“The professors are open to talk with you and help you in office hours.  They’re very receptive.”

-Katharine Kadlick, History & Political Science, 2015  

 “Any student can meet with a writing tutor through the Pforzheimer Learning and Teaching Center (PLTC) when writing a paper.  The student tutors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and since you do quite a bit of writing in History classes it’s a great resource to utilize!”

-Emily Gell, International Relations-History, 2014 

What have you gained from studying History?

“I’ve become a better thinker from being a history major.  You learn to look at things much more analytically.”

-Camila Connolly, History & Spanish, 2013

“The history major has strengthened my writing and critical thinking skills.  It’s prepared me to do anything… I have so many more options, which is great because I’m still not sure what I want to do.”

-Hadley Chase, History, 2015

What Professors have to say:

"Wellesley students are very vocal, intellectually engaged, and passionate about their opinions.  They come to class with a firm grasp on the material, ready to participate."

"Throughout my time at Wellesley, students have become more diverse, in more ways than one.  The continuous joy of teaching here is that Wellesley Women are smart, hardworking and willing to invest in the learning community."

"There is great diversity among the History Department faculty; we come from very different backgrounds and intellectual approaches.  Yet everyone is very friendly and supportive of each other."

"The History Department continues to advance for the better.  We've expanded rapidly in a geographic sense, and we as faculty have all been pushed to teach our areas in wider contexts of the world.  Technology has become increasingly more important and has qualitatively improved relations and the ability to provide feedback between the professors and students."

"Wellesley supports faculty research but also cares deeply about the quality of teaching, so there is a symbiotic relationship between research and the classroom experience.  The school wants its faculty to write and be at the cutting edge, which means Wellesley students also get to be involved in groundbreaking research."

"The opportunity for internships and study abroad experiences has become much more accessible to all students, and creates a valuable connection between experiences in and out of the classroom."

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