USS Constitution
USS Constitution Bell
Old Ironsides
Lower Deck of the USS Constitution
Top Deck of the USS Constitution
Bunker Hill
View from Bunker Hill
Historical Reenactment
Samuel Adams Reenactor
Boston Tea Party Museum

Clio History Club is an open and fun space for both history aficionados and novices alike to gather in the appreciation of the cumulative human experience.

With that in mind, history is not merely a sequential list of events to us, but rather the complex, vibrant, and particular narratives we all write. We celebrate our passion through adventurous historical outings, lectures, discussions, workshops, games, pub trivia nights, and lunches with the faculty. Come join us!

We meet twice a month in LWC 413 at 8:15pm

To learn more about this organization in 2013-2014 please contact Ashley Cale (

Clio E-board 2014-2015:

President: Ashley Cale '15
Treasurer: Sharon Liu '17 
Inter-Departmental Event Coordinator: Ningyi Xi '17 
Secretary: Audrey Choi '18