Healthy You

Healthy You is Wellesley College's program to help faculty and staff take an active role in their health and health care.


Wellesley College named Finalist in the Boston Business Journal Healthiest Employer Award 


President Bottomly's Healthy You Announcement Letter

In 1995, Wellesley College, along with 15 Boston-area colleges and universities, formed The Boston Consortium (TBC). One of The Consortium’s initiatives is to keep the health care of its member institutions affordable and accessible by helping employees and their families get and stay healthy. This Health Management Initiative is called Healthy You.

View an online narrated presentation that explains the history of Healthy You and the Health Questionnaire, and explore the content below.


Visit meQuilibrium, the online tool that helps you reduce stress. It's available to Wellesley employees and spouses. Stress is part of life and one of the top health risks at the College. This personalized online stress management system uses the science of resilience and behavior change to target your individual causes and symptons of stress. Learn how to reduce the impact of your specific stressors! 


Weight Watchers - If you are interested in participating in the weekly meetings, email or call x 2212 or x 2248


Powerpoint with instructions about using Therabands at work

Mind the Moment while you're at work! All Harvard Pilgrim Mindfulness Resources here.  Three-Minute Meditation mp3 available.

Brain Health and Wellness Center® Newsletter "Excess Carbs Increase Risk of Dementia So Go For Brain Healthy Halloween Treats"

View Ben Hammond's  Healthy You Video Message (password:WC)



Healthy You is for Everyone







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Meditation Resources

Take Three Minutes for You

Mindfulness Meditation from HPHC is here for your use to relieve stress. Visit the new Mindfulness Facebook page from HPHC here!  Listen to the Three-Minute  Guided Meditation mp3 here.

Your Privacy
Your participation in Healthy You programs is voluntary and strictly confidential. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act (HIPAA) was passed by Congress in 1996 to protect your personal information from being inappropriately disclosed. All those who provide medical services such as doctors and insurance companies and health plan employees have completed Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training and are in compliance with HIPAA privacy guidelines. In addition, strict confidentiality and data security protocols are in place and adhered to by all health care employees.


HR values and respects confidentiality.