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What are your colleagues saying about the Walking Challenge

"I've become competitive and upping my goal to 12,000 steps per day.  Love how this challenge is creating a fitness frenzy!"

"I have to say this is a great program.  I call it my fitbit fitguilt - and get reminded to move more.  I really needed something to get me back to walking more, and although I am not logging the big numbers yet, I'm working on it!  Thumbs up for this idea!"

Congratulations to the 500 walkers that participated in the Active You walking Challenge. You walked 258,269,661 total steps, from Boston to SanFrancisco and back 19 times!

Tips for Team Captains


Healthy You is Wellesley College's program to help faculty and staff take an active role in their health and health care.


President Bottomly's Healthy You Announcement Letter

In 1995, Wellesley College, along with 15 Boston-area colleges and universities, formed The Boston Consortium (TBC). One of The Consortium’s initiatives is to keep the health care of its member institutions affordable and accessible by helping employees and their families get and stay healthy. This Health Management Initiative is called Healthy You.

View an online narrated presentation that explains the history of Healthy You and the Health Questionnaire, and explore the content below.


Visit meQuilibrium, this online tool reduces stress and its available to Wellsley employees and spouses. Stress is part of life and one of the top health risks at the College. It is a personalized online stress management system that uses the science of resilience and behavior change to target your individual causes and symptons of stress. Learn how to reduce the impact of your specific stressors! 


Healthy You, Benefits & Development Programs 2013-2014 - Register NOW!

Mindfulness Meditation Series – Back by Popular Demand in September!!

Mindfulness is a concentrated state of awareness that can help us see and respond to situations with clarity. It’s gaining popularity as a wellness practice both inside the workplace and out.

Three decades of scientific research suggest that mindfulness can positively, and often profoundly, affect people’s ability to reduce their medical symptoms and psychological distress. Regular practice actually creates observable, physical changes in the brain—changes that impact thought patterns and the body’s physical response to stress. In the class noted below, participants will learn about and practice mindfulness meditation.

Developing mindfulness helps you to:

• Better manage tension and stress

• Be more objective

• Communicate and make decisions more effectively

• Be more productive

• Enhance creativity



Meet Anthony Turco, our Healthly You Employee of the Month

What inspired me so much to lose weight was the difficulty of the little tasks in my everyday life. Whether it was bending over to tie my shoe or walking up a flight of stairs, it was then I realized I needed to change my life. When I heard about the benefits fair, it was the perfect opportunity for me to show them what I am capable of as long as I put my mind to it. I told the health coach I was going to lose 25 pounds. She said to start off with a lower weight goal. I then looked her in the eye and said, "I will see you next time 25 pounds lighter."

I was watching a documentary on Netflix, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. After viewing it, I looked at my girlfriend and we both agreed to take on a healthier lifestyle filled with fruits, vegetables and exercise. We cut out all junk food except for one night a week. We began working out together and reaped the benefits of feeling more energized with our everyday activities. As time progressed our cravings from sugar and junk food dwindled. The hardest part about the challenge was the weekends and social gatherings. We had to learn to adapt to the social scene and say "no" to the late night crowd.

The benefit fair was a great way to reach out to their employees and offer them support in assisting them with helpful tips in succeeding everyday activities. My advice to people who want to live a better lifestyle and accomplish their goals is to set manageable goals and to stick with them. Find support from family and friends and ask them for help when things seem unattainable. Stay strong, stay motivated, and have patience.

Way to Go Anthony!  You are Inspiring!



Weight Watchers - if there is enough interest, we will be able to bring Weight Watchers on campus. If you are interested in participating in the weekly meetings email or call x 2212 or x 2248

Due to the success of the Weight Watchers Program that we previously had on campus, we are planning to organize another session.  If you would be interested in attending the onsite Weight Watchers program please send us an email at   The cost for the program will be $156.00 per person for a 12 week series.  Incentives and prizes will be awarded!  The meetings will likely be held on Thursdays during lunch. Once we know if there is enough interest, we will schedule the program. We must have at least 15 people interested to run the program on campus. If we have enough interest to move forward with the program, we will send out sign-up instructions with details. Learn how you can lose weight and feel great this Spring!  Email at and let us know if you would be interested! 


Harvard Pilgrim Online Resources

Using the Harvard Pilgrim website you’ll find resources for: 

  • Locating a doctor
  • Searching for information on prescription drugs, including proper usage, precautions, and side effects
  • Understanding medical conditions, tests, and treatment options
  • Accessing your Personal Health Record through the HPHConnected secure site


You’ll also find links to the Harvard Pilgrim Prepared for Care program, savings on health-related products and services, and lifestyle and wellness topics.


Powerpoint with instructions about using Therabands at work

Mind the Moment while you're at work! All Harvard Pilgrim Mindfulness Resources here.  Three-Minute Meditation mp3 available.

Brain Health and Wellness Center® Newsletter "Excess Carbs Increase Risk of Dementia So Go For Brain Healthy Halloween Treats"

The road to your wellbeing continues...

You and your covered spouse can complete the online Harvard Pilgrim HQ by May 31st to each earn a $100 Visa gift card. There also will be raffles for employees who participate in either the Know Your Numbers biometric screenings or who take the HQ. Employees who participate will be automatically entered. The winners of the two raffles can choose either an iPhone 5 (including a charger) or an iPad 2.

C25K is a fantastic program designed to get just about anyone from the couch to running 5 kilometers in just 9 weeks. Read more here and create your exercise plan!

Healthy You is for Everyone









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To view additional Healthy You testimonials, please click here.


Meditation Resources

Take Three Minutes for You

Mindfulness Meditation from HPHC is here for your use to relieve stress. Visit the new Mindfulness Facebook page from HPHC here!  Listen to the Three-Minute  Guided Meditation mp3 here.

Your Privacy

Your participation in Healthy You programs is voluntary and strictly confidential. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act (HIPAA) was passed by Congress in 1996 to protect your personal information from being inappropriately disclosed. All those who provide medical services such as doctors and insurgence companies and health plan employees have completed Health Insurgence Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training and are in compliance with HIPAA privacy guidelines. In addition, strict confidentiality and data security protocols are in place and adhered to by all healthcare employees.


HR values and respects confidentiality.