What Your Colleagues Are Saying About Healthy You

"The Healthy You program has made a huge difference in my health-related activities this year. I’ve always lived a healthy, active lifestyle, but after our first child was born in 2010, I stopped making time for regular exercise. My “scare” came at the Wellesley College Health Fair when I discovered that my blood pressure was too high. All of my other numbers were ok, but there is a history of high blood pressure in my family, and I knew that I hadn’t been handling stress well in recent years. I’d always found peace and strength from my beloved long distance runs, and I realized that I had to make a commitment to bring running or some sort of cardiovascular activity back into my life. I’ve always enjoyed road running, but because of my schedule, I can only do workouts early in the morning or after 8:00pm when it’s too dangerous to run outside. So I joined a local gym that has 24/7 access, and I’ve been hitting the treadmill 3-4 times a week. It’s been so satisfying to see my progress in the way of longer, faster runs and feel my strength returning. I’ve also noticed a huge difference in the way I handle stress, and I’m sleeping much better too. For me, running is also a time to mentally regroup – something that is difficult when you have a young child. It’s wonderful to feel like I’m doing something special for myself; yet the positive outcomes benefit my entire family – my lower stress levels certainly have a positive effect on my relationship with my partner, and I have more energy to play with our very active toddler. So thank you, Healthy You!"

Brooke Henderson, 2012

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