Healthy You


Join the edHEALTH Walking Challenge

edHealth is the employee health insurance collaboration Wellesley College has joined to harness our power in numbers to successfully offer quality health care at lower costs. We have partnered with Harvard Pilgrim Health Care to launch a Walking Challenge where we are competing against other colleges and universities that are part of edHEALTH.Please see attached for details. 

Register now through Wednesday, July 18, 2018. If you already have a wellness account, simply log in at and sign-up for the challenge.

Walking Challenge Dates

Challenge Starts: Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Registration Closes: Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Challenge Ends:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018

As an individual, your goal is to meet or exceed a step count of 10,000 steps per day, seven days a week, throughout the 4-week challenge. If for any reason you cannot meet the goal of the walking challenge, you are still invited to participate. Simply join the challenge and contact Harvard Pilgrim’s Wellness Services to indicate how you will participate. You can email Wellness Services at or call (877) 594-7183.

Please click here for more details about this Challenge including: 

  • How to sign-up 
  • How to connect your device to sync your steps
  • Awards/Prizes
  • Healthy Now App
  • FAQ etc.

If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at ext. 3202.

Let's go Wellesley College!  


Fitness Incentives:

If you're covered by one of our medical plans, you can receive up to $300 for enrolling in a qualified weight loss program and/or a gym membership: 

  • Fitness Reimbursement Form - If you belong to a qualified health and fitness facility for four months in a calendar year, HPHC will reimburse you (and your covered dependents) up to $150.
  • Weight Management Form - HPHC will also reimburse you and your covered dependents up to $150 for fees paid for qualified weight loss programs, including WeightWatchers traditional and at-work programs as well as hospital-based weight loss programs.

To learn more about these programs, click here. Or go to (click on "Your Member Savings") or call 1-888-333-HPHC.


Other Resources:

  • meQuilibrium can help you reduce stress and give you ways of coping with stress in the future. Go to for more resources and information. meQuilibrium is a digital coaching platform that delivers clinically validated and highly personalized resilience solutions that assist in increasing productivity and performance for the organization and improves employee outcomes in managing stress, health, and well-being. The program modules incorporate video learning, journaling, interactive workbooks, timely and relevant content, and activities to help practice and change behavior. Click here to read meQuilibrium's recent tailored case study of Wellesley's employees. Also take a look at their new Financial Wellness program!
  • ESI Wellness. Early Symptom Intervention is a free Healthy You program for anyone with aches and pains. Clinicians use a special type of physical therapy to help relax your muscles, realign your body and help prevent these conditions in the future. Contact Cynthia Cox at 781-283-3496 or to schedule an appointment (at the Physical Plant).