Human Resources Welcomes your Questions: A to Z

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Help Desk
Benefits Orientation for New Hires Eva Bedrick
Marymichel Delaney
Career Counseling and/or Advancement Opportunities Carolyn Slaboden
Career Opportunities - Current Openings Carolyn Slaboden
Change of Address Notification JoAnne O'Beirne
COBRA Eva Bedrick
Marymichel Delaney
Compensation Kathi Krajewski
Deceased Employee Notification Eva Bedrick
Marymichel Delaney
Dental Plan Information Eva Bedrick
Marymichel Delaney
Directions to the College and Campus Maps Sandra Murga-Zuniga
Disability Program - Long and Short Term JoAnne O'Beirne
Kathy Stewart
Employee Assistance Plan Marymichele Delaney
Employee Relations Carolyn Slaboden
Kathy Stewart
Exit Interviews

Carolyn Slaboden
Kathy Stewart
Faculty Benefits Eva Bedrick
Marymichel Delaney
Faculty Employment Ruth Frommer
Carolyn Slaboden
Forms Sandra Murga-Zuniga
Eva Bedrick
Health Plan Information Eva Bedrick
Marymichel Delaney
Hiring Process for Administrative Staff
(Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees)
Carolyn Slaboden
Hiring Process for Casual Wage Staff
(Temporary Staff)
Carolyn Slaboden 
Hiring Process for Union Employees (New) Kathy Stewart
Interviews - Informational Carolyn Slaboden
Labor Relations Kathy Stewart
Leaves of Absence - Maternity, Family, Military, Unpaid, etc.

JoAnne O'Beirne
Kathy Stewart
Carolyn Slaboden 

Life Insurance Program Information Eva Bedrick
Marymichel Delaney
Metropolitan Credit Union Sandra Murga-Zuniga
Juanita Brown (Payroll)
Mortgage or Employment Verification Forms Sandra Murga-Zuniga
Outreach and Minority Recruitment Carolyn Slaboden
Parents in a Pinch Carolyn Slaboden
Marymichel Delaney
Payroll - Direct Deposit, Deductions, etc. Juanita Brown (Payroll)
Pension Plan (Administrative Staff and Union) Eva Bedrick
Marymichel Delaney
Performance Evaluations Carolyn Slaboden
Kathy Stewart
Kathi Krajewski
Reimbursement Accounts for Health and Dental Care Eva Bedrick
Marymichel Delaney
Role Classification Kathi Krajewski
Salary Administration (Administrative Staff) Kathi Krajewski
Tax-Deferred Annuities Eva Bedrick
Marymichel Delaney
Terminations (Administrative Staff) Carolyn Slaboden
Terminations (Union) Kathy Stewart
Training Programs Kathy Stewart
Tuition Reimbursement Program (Administrative Staff) Carolyn Slaboden
Tuition Reimbursement Program (Union) Kathy Stewart
Union Contracts Kathy Stewart
Union Openings - Posting and Bidding Process Kathy Stewart
Vacation and Sick Time - Accruals

Vacation and Sick Time - Policies
Juanita Brown (Payroll)
Kathi Krajewski
Valuing Work Kathi Krajewski
Website Questions JoAnne O'Beirne
Work Related Accidents - Reporting Procedures JoAnne O'Beirne
Kathy Stewart
Workers Compensation Claims JoAnne O'Beirne
Kathy Stewart


If the information you need is not listed, please contact the Human Resources Office at ext. 3202.


HR values and respects confidentiality.