Other Training Resources

Leadership Development  

The Susan Vogt Fellowship Program

Connects, develops, and supports emerging leaders within the schools of The Boston Consortium. The Fellowship seeks to increase awareness of the Consortium’s values and activities at the grassroots level, connect and engage practitioners in meaningful projects, and foster collaboration and camaraderie in the next generation of leaders.

Who would benefit:   Employees in supervisory roles and/or functional leaders

Registration Dates:    Deadline date 5/1/14. Notification date 7/15/14.

How to Register:       Application is available on the Boston Consortium website. 
                                             Completed application should be submitted to Human Resources by 4/25/14

Where can I find more informationBoston Consortium webpage, Vogt Program

*Several Wellesley College administrators have participated in the Vogt program.  You can see a full listing of past participants on the Boston Consortium webpage.  Please feel free to contact Wellesley College past participants for feedback on the program.


Higher Education Resource Services

HERS,  Since 1972 HERS has served the higher education community, preparing more than 4300 women faculty and administrators for leadership roles.  The program provides four sequential seminar weekends so as to take full advantage of homework and to encourage immediate application of newly acquired skills in the interval between sessions.

Who would benefit:   Emerging leaders interested in focusing on leadership and management development for women in higher education administration.

Registration Dates:    Regular Registration deadline 5/1/14.  Decision 6/1/14

How to Register:          Contact Human Resources regarding interest in program and then apply online at www.hersnet.org

Where can I find more informationHigher Education Resource Services, HERS, webpage


Wellesley College Leadership Development Program 

Over the past two years, the College has offered a successful Leadership Development Program for emerging leaders.  While there remains a strong desire to continue this program in the future, for the 2014-2015 academic year, the leadership development program will focus on supporting the department heads at Wellesley College.


General Training:

Boston Consortium Training and Development Opportunities

Who would benefit:    Employees at all levels.  Allows for networking opportunities with colleagues from other area institutions. Paid for through Human Resources

Registration Dates:     Course catalog for spring is currently available                                         

How to Register:         Please contact the Human Resources Office Coordinator, Sandra Murga at x3202

Where can I find more informationBoston Consortium webpage


Finance Training

Desktop training on request (i.e. Banner, travel expenses, check request, purchasing, procard).

Who would benefit:    New employees
How to Register:         Contact the Controller’s Office
Where can I find more information:  Controller’s Office web page


Library & Technology Services Offerings

Who would benefit:  Employees at all levels, particularly new employees

In addition to online access to Lynda.com, a professional training company with a vast library of online self-paced tutorials, Wellesley College is a member of NERCOMP, and also offers discounts to CompuWorks and New Horizons in-personal training

Where can I find more information:  Visit the Library and Technology Services training page