2016-2017 Series (Programs/Events)



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Programs and events are open to all members of the Wellesley community, but are geared towards specific audiences (Gen-Y, Millennials, Mid-Career, Pre-Retirement, Managers/Supervisors, or All).  Use the Audience Key listed in the program descriptions to determine if the event is right for you.


Programs and events have different information formats (E-mail, Home Mailing, Live Presentation, Webinar/Live Chat, or Web Tool).  Use the program description to see what type of program or event it is.  


For questions, please contact us at or 781-283-3202.





Time Vs. Energy: How to Have a More Productive Day: HPHC 3/8, 4:15-5:15 PM

Do you ever wish that there was more than 24 hours in a day so you can get the things doen that you need to? Unfortunately, you can't change the amount of time in a day, but you can get more energy to accomplish more during the day. Thi session looks at how good nutrition and the lackthereof affects the four energy domains: physical, emotional, mental  an spiritual. You will also learn practical tactics of eating for energy management. 

Wang Campus Center Rm 413

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Customer Service: Excellence Reaching Deep Down, 3/14, 12:30pm-1:30pm

(Presentation) Customer Service: Excellence Reaching Deep Down

Date & Time: 3/14, 12:30pm-1:30pm


Location: Lib 336


Audience: All

Everyone knows and appreciates excellent customer service when they receive it, and most of us want to provide excellent service ourselves. Knowing how to provide such service in today’s fast paced, highly stressed world can be difficult - today’s customers don’t always make it easy. Participants will learn skills for providing 5-star service in person and on the telephone, strategies for dealing with difficult customers, and tips for providing excellent service even when they don’t feel like it.

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Identity Theft: 3/15/17, 12:30PM - 1:30PM

(Presentation) Identity Theft

Date & Time: 3/15/17, 12:30PM - 1:30PM

Location: Library Lecture Room (Lunch Provided)

Audience: All

Protecting your good name is becoming more difficult in today's cyber community. This seminar provides helpful actionable suggestions to ensure your name remains protected.

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Paying Yourself – Income Options in Retirement: TIAA, 4/11, 12-1 PM

(Presentation) Paying Yourself – Income Options in Retirement

Date & Time: 4/11/17, 12-1:00PM

Location: Library Lecture Room (brown bag lunch seminar)

Audience: Pre-Retirement (Guests are welcome)

It's time to consider a little payback.

You've made a lot of sacrifices in order to put away enough money to retire. When it's finally tie, do you know how to get the money back? There are lots of considerations, rules and tax implications that make these decisions very important and more complex. We can help.

TIAA's workshop leader will help simplify retirement income:

  • Learn the basic rules that govern the most common retirement accounts
  • Gain perspective on when to tap into differant assets
  • discover the flexible income choices TIAA offers

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Making Sure Your Retirement Income Lasts a Lifetime, While Keeping Pace with Inflation: TIAA, 4/24, 5-6:30pm

(Presentation) Making Sure Your Retirement Income Lasts a Lifetime While Keeping Pace with Inflation

Date & Time: 4/24/17, 5-6:30pm

Location: College Club (Dinner Provided)

Audience: Pre-Retirement (Guests are Welcome)

Outliving their retirement income is the number one fear expressed by retirees. too many retirees live much longer than they anticipate, often running out of purchasing power well before they run out of time. This session will consider the latest strategies to make sure employees don't outlive their retirement income while at teh same time keeping pace with inflation. These strategies will include: investment withdrawal strategies, annuitization, time-segmnted retirement income planning, longevity insurance, and using HECMs (reverse mortgages).

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Retirement Planning, Distribution Planning, and the Best Opportunity for Wealth Transfer Left to the Middle Class: TIAA, 4/25, 5-6:30pm College Club (Dinner Provided)

(Presentation) Retirement Planning, Distribution Planning, and the Best Opportunity for Wealth Transfer Left to the Middle Class: TIAA

Date & Time: 4/25/17, 5-6:30pm

Location: College Club (Dinner Provided)

Audience: Pre-Retirement


One of the last opportunities for significant wealth transfer left to the middle class is the inheriting of retirement plans. These plans include: employer provided defined contribution plans, i.e., 403b plans and 401k plans; traditional IRAs Roth IRAs; as well as a variety of other retirement plans. This session also reviews the rules associated with "required minimum distributions" from retirement plans, how to best inherit retirement plans and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Dinner provided by TIAA.

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Reaching Inside: Motivating Ourselves, 4/26 12:30pm - 1:30pm

(Presentation) Reaching Inside: Motivating Ourselves

Date & Time: 4/26, 12:30pm-1:30pm

Location: Lib 336

Audience: All


Workplace motivation is essential to success, as evidenced by the deluge of articles targeted at managers looking to motivate their employees. Yet we cannot always rely on a manager to motivate us - wemust take control and responsibility for motivating ourselvesSome days that’s easier said than done.When conditions aren’t optimal (i.e. we’re bored or overwhelmed), we need sure-fire strategies for boosting self-motivation. This seminar will provide employees with guaranteed tips for increasingmotivation and positivity in the workplace.

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