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WellConnected Newsletter - February


Healthy Mouths for Life (Delta Dental) - January

The daily grind of our chores and obligations can contribute to burnout. Live a Well-Rounded Life provides practical tips on how to banish burnout and live a healthier life.

All One's 2016 Webinars, as part of their Employee Support Program, are available for your viewing.

Take a look at Storm Pre-Cautions provided by Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Gen Y's: Start your Financial Wellbeing. Click here for tips and testimonials.


Managing Stress in the Workplace
Tuesday, January 19th @ 12pm -1pm

Learn the difference between positive and negative stress. Know the warning signs of stess overload. Click here to learn more and register.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, 5 Ways to Give Freely (Regardless of Your Budget) can help you refresh old ideas and learn new ones for giving to those around you, regardless of your financial circumstances.


Earn $150 by being part of this year's Healthy You program! Click here for details. Our Healthy You program includes a variety of events and online resources to help you get and stay healthy. Overview of events can be found here.



Seasonal Affective Disorder Awareness. 

With winter on the horizon, colder weather and less natural sunlight can bring on a type of depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Click here to learn more about how to identify it and treatment options.


The most recent HR Illuminator is available for your viewing! Click here to access the Illuminator.

Learn about The Whole You initiative. Sign up for programs and webinars.


Wellesley College received Boston Business Journal's Healthiest Employer Award! Click here to read the article.