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Peggy Levitt What Wellesley's Reading
Sociologist Peggy Levitt reads an excerpt from A Bend in the River by V.S. Naipaul, a novel about globalization, colonization, and modernity.

Rhodes Scholar to 4th Grade Teacher
As a college senior, Tracy Zager '95 had planned to pursue a geology PhD. After the Rhodes, she's now a 4th grade teacher and math specialist.

Claire Messud
Claire Messud
Cambridge author Claire Messud reads from her 2013 novel The Woman Upstairs at Wellesley's Newhouse Center for the Humanities.
Prada Store Architecture & the NYC Prada Store 
Art Historian Alice Friedman considers how modernist architecture is brought to bear on the design of the lower Manhattan Prada store. Introduced by Linda Wertheimer '65.
Preschool Friends or Playmates
Talia Schwartz '14 looks at preschool peer pairs, investigating whether preschool children understood the differences in peer relationships. 

How Cancer Changed My Life...and Didn't
Economist Ann Velenchik addresses themes of fragility and resilience, surrender and liberation.


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