Related Courses For Credit Toward the Major

Courses with an asterisk (*) require the permission of the instructor if the course is to be counted by Jewish Studies.


ANTH 242* ‘Civilization' and ‘Barbarism' during the Bronze Age, 3500-2000 B.C.E.
ANTH 247* Societies and Cultures of Eurasia

ARAB 101-102 Elementary Arabic
ARAB 201-202 Intermediate Arabic
ARAB 301-302 Advanced Arabic

ARTH 267 Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Medieval Mediterranean

CLCV 240/REL 240 Romans, Jews, and Christians in the Roman Empire

CPLT 208/REL 208 Legend, Satire, and Storytelling in the Hebrew Bible

FREN 232 Occupation and Resistance: The French Memory and Experience of World War II

HIST 115  First-Year Seminar. Routes of Exile--Jews and Muslims
HIST 201 The Rise of the West? Europe 1789-2003
HIST 219 The Jews of Spain and the Lands of Islam
HIST 224 Zionism and Irish Nationalism: A Comparative Perspective
HIST 242 Postwar Europe and the Three Germanies
HIST 243 Gender and Sexuality in Twentieth-Century Europe
HIST 328 Anti-Semitism in Historical Perspective

ITAS 209 Italian-Jewish Literature (in English)
ITAS 309 Italian-Jewish Literature

REL 104 Study of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
REL 105 Study of the New Testament
REL 106 Children of Abraham
REL 204 Religious Speech and Social Power
REL 208/CPLT 208 Legend, Satire, and Storytelling in the Hebrew Bible
REL 240/CLCV 240 Romans, Jews, and Christians in the Roman Empire
REL 243 Women in the Biblical World
REL 244 Jerusalem: The Holy City
REL 245 The Holocaust and the Nazi State
REL 247 The World of the Bible
REL 260 Islamic/ate Civilizations
REL 307 Seminar. Gods, Politics, and the Body int he Ancient Near East
REL 342 Seminar. Archeology of the Biblical World
REL 343 Seminar. Apocolypse and Armageddon: Envisioning the Endtime

SPAN 252* Christians, Jews, and Moors: The Spirit of Spain in Its Literature
SPAN 267* The Writer and Human Rights in Latin America
SPAN 279 Jewish Women Writers of Latin America

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