Beyond Wellesley

The Latin American Studies program at Wellesley allows students to cater their major to their own interests in Latin America.

There is no set path for Latin American Studies students--both at Wellesley and beyond.  Whether you are interested in graduate study, internships, fellowships, or international study, all can be part of your experience with Latin American Studies at Wellesley.

Study at Other Institutions

Students planning to study at other U.S. Institutions, including those in the 12 College Exchange , should consult the directors of the program. In order to obtain Wellesley credit for any course taken elsewhere during the summer or academic year, approval must be obtained in advance from the directors and the College Registrar.

International Study

Students are encouraged to study in Latin America during their time at Wellesley. The Office of International Study can advise students about which programs might best suit a student's specific needs.  In the past, many students have studied abroad through Wellesley consortium programs, including the Program for Mexican Culture and Society in Puebla (PMCSP) .  Students can also study through approved programs in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama. Students wishing to study abroad should consult both the Office of International Studies as well as the directors of the Latin American Studies program.

Internships and Fellowships

Wellesley's Center for Work and Service (CWS) offers internship programs in both Costa Rica and Argentina through the Wellesley Internships in Latin America. Students can also apply for CWS Global Engagement Grants that support internships abroad, as well as community service stipends for volunteer work abroad during Wintersession.

Interested students can also consider applying to Wellesley in Washington and the Albright Institute.