Enterprise Solutions

Our Mission

To create and support enterprise technology solutions that advance the mission of the college.

Our Commitments

  • Offer essential software solutions that meet the broad operational and strategic needs of our community
  • Preserve data security and integrity
  • Maximize availability and usability of our offerings

Areas of expertise

  • System Integration
  • Software Development
  • Database Management
  • Service and Support

Major Systems Supported

  • SunGard Banner (ERP)
  • Banner Self-Service
  • College Datamart (Oracle Reporting Database)
  • Oracle Portal for Entering Students
  • Luminis Portal for on-campus constituents
  • Bluenog Ice (CMS & Portal for Public Website and Content)
  • CollegeNet Resources 25, Webviewer & 25 Live (Event Management)
  • NolijWeb (Document Imaging)
  • Luna Insight (Image Repository)
  • Blackboard Connect
  • TutorTrac (Tutor and Learning Center Mgmt)
  • Medicat Medical Software
  • Nelnet/Infinet/Quickpay credit card processing
  • Video Furnace
  • Application Express (APEX – Web Reporting)
  • Oracle Reports (Print Reports)
  • Oracle Discoverer (Business Intelligence/Web Reporting)
  • Oracle Application Server (Including Oracle Portal)
  • Oracle Web Logic Server
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Real Application Cluster
  • Oracle Grid
  • Oracle Identity Management
  • SQL Server
  • VCenter database

Current Major Projects

Staff Support

EAI Group Members

Becky Atwood Terry Ballantyne
James Billings Qiong Dai
Tony DiPesa Judy Hall
Mimi Lai Susan Meeks
Lisa Newman Mary Sprague
Edward Stumpf Janet Thompson
Leah Wang Maureen Williams