ES 2010 - 2012 Projects

Develop software applications or enhancements to improve academic or business processes

  • Develop Self Service Degree Audit Reporting
  • Develop Alumni Directory accessible to Faculty and Staff only
  • Continued development and implementation of custom Race Ethnicity project
  • Convert Oracle Portal Portlets to Luminis (JSR168) portlets
  • Create Luminis Software App for I-Phone / Mobile Apps
  • Phase 2 development of dynamic CMS functionality based on priorities provided by Public Affairs
  • Enhance custom Banner Self-Service SEQ system
  • On-line Course Catalog development and implementation
  • Implement Applicant Portal on Luminis
  • Migrate Entering Student Portal from Oracle to Luminis
  • Expansion of Nelnet (or other) credit card capabilities
  • Creation of integrated suite of documentation/support portlets in MyWellesley


Provide high quality service and support for academic and administrative offices

  • Transition Bluenog ICE end user training and support roles required for content creation & maintenance from IS to Public Affairs
  • Participate in the planning & rollout of Unified Communication tools
  • Support of R25 Live Rollout
  • Create manage and support Luminis content teams


Develop integration between software applications so that common data elements are shared

  • Complete Unified Communication Portlet Development (Announcements, Discussions, Email, Calendar)
  • Convert CMS LDAP from OpenDS to Active Directory
  • Implement download of Banner departments to R25
  • Implement and support Banner to Sakai integration


Improve software performance

  • Upgrade Linux machines from 32 to 64 bit wherever possible
  • Conduct Luminis Performance analysis
  • Plan and Implement solution for large asset management in Bluenog ICE
  • Rebuild Bluenog ICE test environment
  • Performance tune Bluenog ICE production environment
  • Implement changes in Bluenog ICE architecture to support growth of website and anticipated increase in load


Upgrade/Consolidate enterprise software to the best vendor-supported versions

  • Upgrade all Oracle Databases to Oracle 11g
  • Migrate from Oracle Application Servers (OAS) to Oracle Fusion Middleware Application Server (WebLogic)
  • Plan and Implement 2010-2011 Banner System Upgrades
  • Plan and Implement CMS upgrades
  • Investigate NetApp read-only view of a database
  • Conduct preliminary research and testing for upgrade to Luminis 5
  • Move servers to RedHat5 wherever possible
  • Plan Upgrade of Banner Self-Service to new GUI (graphical User interface)
  • Upgrade Application Express (APEX) to version 4
  • Upgrade Nolij (document imaging) to version 6
  • Retire Oracle Internet Directory (OID) and move required applications to Luminis
  • Transition the Banner ERP community to the Java Plug-in


Create single or simplified authentication to software wherever possible

  • Develop Single Sign-on connectors to other identified applications as part of Luminis Portal rollout (Library, HelpDesk, Applicant App, etc.)
  • Complete Single Sign-on (SSO) from Luminis to Zimbra and Sakai


Create better software recovery & 7/24 support mechanisms wherever possible

  • Implement Hot Backups for Banner & Luminis
  • Rebuild Oracle Grid (11G onto RedHat5, 64 bit Virtual Server and implement system problem notification).
  • Move software environments to virtual machines
  • Investigate, test & implement NetApp read-only view of Oracle Databases


Provide security procedures for the use of software applications and the Personal Identity (PI) information stored within them.

  • Banner Security Project to protect PI and other sensitive data


Continue to develop relationships with other local and national educational institutions

  • 12 th Annual North East Technical (NETECH) conference
  • Serve on Program Committee for Educause Enterprise 2011 Conference
  • Participate in Babson/Olin/Wellesley partnership


Develop the technical skills required to support and maintain Wellesley’s changing technical environment

  • Acquire individual or group training in the following:
    • Object Oriented Architecture
    • Java (J2EE) environment & Development
    • Spring Framework
    • Real Application Clusters
    • Apache Servers
    • TomCat Tuning
    • New UC tools (Sakai, Zimbra)
    • XML
    • PHP