Tony DiPesa

Enterprise Solutions

Tony DiPesa
Bus Intel&Integration Architect

Job Responsibilities

Architecture and Emerging Technologies

  • Assist the EAI Director in providing technical direction for the EAI group, the IS division and the College
  • Research and assess emerging technologies for possible use in and integration with the Wellesley College IT infrastructure

Data Mart

  • Ensure the availability, reliability and performance of the Wellesley College Data Mart
  • Support, maintain and enhance the Data Mart infrastructure

Serve as the EAI group's liaison to the Administration and Planning Division


  • 20 years of architecting, design, development and deployment of databases to support client-server and Web-based applications for educational institutions and for leading companies in the financial services, manufacturing and software industries.
  • Frequent contributor to functional requirements gathering, project management and user training/support

Previous employers include:

  • AGENCY.COM (a global E-business consulting firm and systems integrator)
  • MIT's Office of Facilities Management Systems
  • GE Consulting Services
  • Oracle Corporation


  • MS in Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • BS in Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology