Terry Ballantyne


Enterprise Solutions

Terry Ballantyne
Director of Enterprise Solutions

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the evaluation, analysis, design, development, purchase, enhancement and maintenance of the college's central software appllications and associated software (SunGardSCT/Banner, Collegenet/Resource25, Pinnacle/Axis, Ccure/Onecard, Enterprise Datamart, Enterprise Portal, Medicat, MIMSY XG etc.,)
  • Consults with various managers, directors, vice presidents, deans, students and staff to define and review administrative/business software systems requirements, evaluate existing systems capabilities, and plan and coordinate future systems development work.
  • Advises in the strategic use and storage of digital information, databases, reporting and query software.
  • Hires, trains, coaches and retains high quality technical staff. 
  • Serves on the Information Services Management Team which collaborates to manage and co-ordinate all areas of Information Technology including Library Services, Helpdesk, Media Center, and Instructional Technologies.

Current EAI Projects

  • Reorganization of Enterprise Application Integration Team structure
  • Investigation and selection of Web Content Managment software
  • Expansion of the existing Entering Student Portal to include other constituancies such as current students or applicants.
  • Implement Oracle Identity Managment Software and Virtual Directory
  • Implement Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) and hot backups
  • Complete migration of Oracle software from Sun Solaris machines to RedHat Linux.
  • Plan for the next major ERP (Banner) Upgrade from version 7.n to 8.n
  • Implement Imaging software (Nolij) for Designated Gift processing
  • Support, enhance and interface to integrated institutional databases (SCT/Banner,Oracle, R25, Pinnacle)
  • Development of institutional standards for data entry, application development, and documentation


  • Taught elementary school, high school, junior college and adult education physical education and exercise physiology.
  • Over 25 years of Information Technology experience in both corporate and enducational environments.