Steps for Project Submission

Technical Projects at Wellesley College

Steps for Project Submission


Get a great idea.

If the idea involves another office or department, discuss this idea with them and get their buy-in. 

Contact the representative from your division to the Project Priorities Advisory Committee (PPAC)* who will guide you through the proposal process, acquire senior VP approval, and contact the technical resources required to complete it (both members of TSG [see below] or memvers of LTS).

PPAC members are:

Ron LeShane                         Admission and Financial Aid
Scott Gordon                         Alumnae Office
Bethann Coppi                      Finance and Administration
Carol Shanmugaratnam      Provost Division
Sandra Kendall or                 Resources & Public Affairs
Kathy Flynn
Anne Manning                       Student Life Division

Contact a member of the Technology Support Group (TSG) to get their technical input on the project and the proposal. (The TSG member will then contact the appropriate Project Priorities Committee member who will guide you through the rest of the process.)

TSG members are:
Ron LeShane                          Admissions
Mary Roberts                          Financial Aid
Anne Manning                        Office of the Dean of Students
Bethann Coppi                        Budget & Finance/Adm. Systems
Stephie Tong                           Budget & Finance/Adm. Systems
Ryan Russel                             Budget & Finance/Adm. Systems
Amy Michelson                       Resources Office
Debi Meyer                              Wellesley Centers for Women
Sue Sours                                 Wellesley Centers for Women
Brian Alamprese                     Technology Systems Services
Michelle Gillett                        Registrar's Office
Scott Gordon                            Alumnae Office
Scott Anderson                        Computer Science

Whether you began with a PPAC member or whether you began with a TSG member, your PPAC division representative will work with you to finalize the project proposal.

One to four weeks after your project is submitted (depending on the scope and timing of it), your PPAC member will get back to you with news of the PPAC approval outcome.  You will also be able to see its place in the project queue by clicking on the current projects link.