Research & Instructional Support

Research & Instructional Support provides guidance and support for the academic use of library and technology resources and the production of digital media.

We collaborate with faculty on solutions to their instructional needs, participate in campus-wide discussions on instructional technology and research support, and provide programs and services electronically and in-person in the Clapp, Art, Music and Science libraries, the Knapp Media & Technology Center and the PNE Social Science Center, and oversee the circulation of research materials and multimedia equipment.

Find a librarian or instructional technologist by subject specialty

Heather Woods, Director - x3175

Research Services - Elliot Brandow, Assistant Director - x3512

   Sarah Barbrow - x3021
   Emily Belanger - x3372
   Sarah Hoskins - x3426
   Laura O'Brien - x3497
   Laura Reiner - x2108

Instructional Technology - Rebecca Darling, Assistant Director - x2882

   Mac Stewart - x2906
   Delanie Goerig - x2109

Scholarly InnovationsJordan Tynes, Manager - x2938

   Kate Johnson - x3473

Learning Spaces Technologies- Meredith Germano, Manager- x2927

   Gus Zhang - x3361

Public Services - Laura Sherriff, Manager - x3758

   Maggie DeVries- x2057

Blended Learning InitiativeDavid O'Steen, Associate Director; and Senior Instructional Technologist - x3322

   Jillian Rubman - x3923

All phone numbers are 781-283-xxxx

RIS Staff

  • Sarah Barbrow

    Librarian, Research Services

    Research & Instruction Librarian for the Sciences


  • Emily Belanger

    Librarian, Research Services

    Research & Instruction Librarian who works with AMST, CAMS, EDUC, WGST, and WRIT to seamlessly incorporate information literacy learning into the student experience.


  • Elliot Brandow

    Elliot Brandow

    Asst Director, Research Services

    I lead the team of fantastic Research & Instruction Librarians at the Clapp and Science Libraries. I also support Philosophy, Religion, and Political Science research and teaching at Wellesley.


  • Rebecca Darling Quincy Portrait

    Rebecca Darling

    Asst Director, Instructional Technology

    Instructional Technology subject specialist for the humanities. A good generalist. It's not about the tools. It's about pedagogy & learning.


  • Maggie DeVries

    Specialist, Public Services

    Public Services and Video Reserves Specialist


  • Meredith Germano

    Manager, Learning Spaces Technology


  • Delanie Goerig

    Specialist, Instructional Technology

    Instructional Technology Specialist


  • Sarah Hoskins

    Librarian, Research Services

    Research & Instructional Librarian for the Social Sciences


  • Kate Johnson

    Specialist, Learning Spaces

    Circulating equipment and classroom technology specialist


  • Dave Katsikas

    Desktop Imaging Admin, Learning Spaces

    Administrator of Desktop Imaging for Learning Spaces and Classroom Technology


  • Laura O'Brien

    Laura M. O'Brien

    Librarian, Research Services

    Provides research and instructional support for students and faculty in English, Comparative Literature, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, East Asian Languages and Cultures, Theater, and Medieval and Renaissance Studies.



  • David image

    David O'Steen

    Senior Instructional Technologist; Director, Blended Learning Initiative

    Provides technology support for teaching, learning, and research.


  • Laura Reiner

    Laura Reiner

    Librarian, Research Services

    Research and Instruction Librarian for Africana Studies, Environmental Studies, History, International Relations, Jewish Studies, Latin American Studies, Medieval/Renaissance Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, and Peace & Justice Studies.


  • Jillian Rubman

    Instructional Designer, Blended Learning Initiative


  • Laura Sherriff

    Laura Sherriff

    Manager, Public Services

    Manages library public services and course reserves; interest in student-centered programming and services


  • MacKenzie "Mac" Stewart

    Instructional Technologist

    B.A., State University of New York College at Oswego; M.S.I.T., Southern New Hampshire University

    Helping faculty and students use technology for teaching and learning, and providing support for educational technology systems.


  • Jordan Tynes

    Manager, Scholarly Innovation

    Multimedia technology, fabrication & innovation; Knapp Center


  • Jack Wolfe

    Multimedia Specialist, Scholarly Innovations


  • Heather Woods

    Director, Research & Instructional Support

    Director of the LTS Research & Instructional Support Team


  • Gus Zhang

    A/V Programmer, Learning Spaces Technologies

    Audio-visual programmer for classroom and learning space technology.