Literature of Prescription

Literature of Prescription:
Charlotte Perkins Gilman & The Yellow Wallpaper

April 8 - May 18, 2013 in the Margaret Clapp Library 

During a time when women were challenging traditional ideas about gender that excluded them from political and intellectual life, artist and writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman, who was discouraged from pursuing a career to preserve her health, rejected these ideas in a terrifying short story titled "The Yellow Wall-Paper." This exhibition explores the story behind Gilman's indictment of the medical profession and the social conventions restricting women's professional and creative opportunities.

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Any questions about the exhibit, contact Dawn Stahura (dstahura) at x3426.

Opening Reception
Tues., April 9, 12:30 - 1:00pm, Clapp Library Lobby

Research & Instruction Librarian Dawn Stahura will give a brief introduction before viewing the exhibit. Light refreshments will be served.
Tearing Down the Stigma of Mental Health
Thurs., April 18, 7:00 - 8:00pm, Library Lecture Room
Join Professor of Psychology Julie Norem, Psychologist and Assistant Director of Group and Outreach Activities Megan Edwards, Palig Mouradian '13, and Gabrielle Jones '14 as they discuss the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Each will present on how to handle stress while balancing an active and fulfilling academic and social life. Q&A at the end. 
Light refreshments will be provided.
Gilman Zine Workshop!
Thurs., April 25, 5:00p - 7:00pm, Library Lecture Room
Join Active Minds in a creative and thought-provoking zine workshop. Zine creations will focus on mental health issues and the stigma surrounding them. Each participant will get a free copy of the zine they contributed to.
Light refreshments will be provided.
The War against the Wall: Charlotte Perkins GIlman's Feminist Genius
Wed., May 1, 4:30 - 5:30pm, Library Lecture Room
Join Paul Fisher, Assistant Professor of American Studies. Q&A at the end. 
Light refreshments will be served.
The Literature of Prescription
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