Collections Librarian Colleen McGhee-French (x3596)

The collection development policy for Biochemistry guides the development and management of the biochemistry collection. This policy is for the use of the Science Librarian for Collections and the Science Library's users. The policy will be updated as needed. Faculty and students are encouraged to provide recommendations for library materials.

General purpose of the collection

The biochemistry collection supports the undergraduate biochemistry curriculum offered at Wellesley College. The collection supports student research in specific areas of interest.  The collection is used heavily by both biology and biochemistry majors, including students fulfilling pre-medical course requirements. Materials are also used by students majoring in neuroscience as well as Environmental Studies Program students concentrating in environmental science. Organic chemistry students and students fulfilling science course distribution requirements are also users of the collection.
The study of Biological Chemistry at Wellesley College focuses on the study of the chemistry of biological systems and is supported by both the Chemistry and Biological Sciences Departments. All students take combinations of required and elective chemistry and biology courses. Biology requirements encompass areas such as molecular genetics, cellular physiology, and cell regulation while chemistry requirements focus on foundation chemistry courses in biochemistry and analytical, physical and organic chemistry. Students planning graduate work in molecular or cellular biology typically take additional advanced biology courses in those areas. Students planning graduate work in biochemistry typically take additional courses in all areas of chemistry: analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry.

Published material from the major biological societies is favored and is selectively purchased to support courses currently being taught. All biochemistry materials are housed at the Science Library with the exception of most pre-1985 journal literature, which are housed at an off-site facility and are retrievable by request.  Online access to collections is provided through the Library website.

Description of the collection

Library resources supporting this major are assembled via collecting activities described in the Biology and Chemistry collection policies.