Collection Development - Peace and Justice Studies

Collections Librarian : Graham Henderson (x3514)

The collection development policy for Peace and Justice Studies, a structured individual major, guides the development and management of the Peace and Justice Studies collection. This policy is for use by the Wellesley College community and the Peace and Justice Studies collections librarian. Faculty and students are encouraged to provide recommendations for library materials.

General purpose of the collection

The Peace and Justice Studies structured individual major draws support from many areas of the Library collections, such as political science, history, sociology, and economics. The program combines the social scientific analysis of conflict with the study of strategies for promoting peace and justice. Areas of major concern in the program are international conflict and peacemaking, forms of conflict resolution, race, class and gender inequities, ethnic conflict, human rights, grassroots urban organizing, and environmental justice. The program focuses on domestic U.S. issues as well as international issues.

Core peace and justice studies collections

The Peace and Justice Studies structured individual major relies heavily on the collecting activities in the following subjects:

Africana Studies: The Africana Studies collections librarian selects materials pertaining to peace and justice, civil rights, and human rights in the geographic areas of Africa, the African Diaspora and, to a limited extent, the United States.

Anthropology: The collections librarian for Anthropology selects materials pertaining to peace and justice issues on a cultural level. In addition, the Anthropology collections librarian selects materials relating to human rights.

Economics: The collections librarian for Economics selects materials pertaining to economic peace and justice issues, particularly global development and resource economics.

History: The collections librarian for History selects materials of a historical nature relating to peace and justice issues, with particular emphasis on the geographic areas of Asia, Europe, and the former Soviet Union.

Political Science: The collections librarian for Political Science selects materials relating to the political aspects of peace and justice, with emphasis given to the political structures of countries in Asia and Latin America and international law.

Reference: Reference material for Peace and Justice Studies is purchased by the Peace and Justice Studies collections librarian for Research and Instruction and follows the general subject parameters of the Peace and Justice Studies collections policy. The scope includes, but is not limited to, the following types of material: biographies, dictionaries/thesauri/nomenclature aids, encyclopedias, and indexing and abstracting databases for periodical articles and reviews which support curricular or related professional programs. Reference works may be acquired in print or online. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of Peace and Justice Studies, reference material acquired to support other academic disciplines may also be useful for Peace and Justice.

    Secondary related subjects and interdisciplinary relationships

    In addition, materials supporting Peace and Justice Studies are acquired for the following subjects:

    English: The collections librarian for English selects materials pertaining to race, class, ethnicity, and gender in literature.

    Latin American Studies: In collaboration with the Peace and Justice Studies collections librarian, the collections librarian for Latin American Studies selects materials relating to peace and justice issues in Latin America.

    Philosophy: The collections librarian for Philosophy selects materials relating to ethics and the philosophical aspects of peace and justice.

    Psychology: The collections librarian for Psychology selects materials pertaining to the psychological aspects of peace and justice issues, particularly in the areas of conflict resolution and cultural psychology.

    Religion: The collections librarian for Religion selects materials that examine peace and justice from a religious standpoint.

    Sociology: The collections librarian for Sociology selects materials relating to social and institutional inequality and international human rights.

    Women's & Gender Studies: The collections librarian for Women's Studies selects materials pertaining to women and peace and justice, particularly in the area of equal rights.

      Types of materials

      Collected: Books, periodicals, and reference works, including encyclopedias, biographical and subject-specific dictionaries, handbooks, and almanacs.

      Collected Selectively: Conference proceedings, multi-media publications, spoken-word recordings, electronic resources, dissertations, foreign-language monographs, research-level monographs, foreign-language periodicals, and videos and DVDs (Region 1 DVD and NTSC VHS are the preferred formats for video materials. Region 2/PAL videorecordings are acquired when this is the only format available).

      Not Collected: Textbooks, foreign-language dissertations, single or discrete issues of periodicals, vanity press publications, non-journal microforms, and 16mm or 35mm films.