Library Collections Staff

All phone numbers are 781-283-xxxx

Director of Library Collections

Karen Bohrer - x2127

Archives, Book Arts, Special Collections & Conservation

Emily K. Bell, Collections Conservator - x3866
Rebecca Goldman, College Archivist - x2128
Sara Ludovissy, Assistant Archivist - x2196
Mariana Oller, Associate Curator Special Collections - x3668
Ruth Rogers, Curator of Special Collections - x3592
Katherine McCanless Ruffin, Book Arts Program Director - x2130

Collection Management 

Sarah Barbrow, Science Librarian - x3021
Jenifer Bartle, Digital Library Services Librarian - x3757
Brooke Henderson, Art Librarian - x3258
Graham Henderson, Collections Librarian & Copyright Officer - x3514
Carol Lubkowski, Music Librarian - x2076

Discovery Services

Ray Schmidt, Assistant Director for Discovery Services - x2094
Angie Batson, Resources Sharing Specialist - x2101
Marci Hahn-Fabris, Digital Collections Librarian - x3331
Kara S. Hart, Systems Librarian - x2172
Jessica LaBrie, Electronic Resources Librarian - x2102
Kim Shaw, Library Associate - x2106
Jamie Sherman, Database Maintenance Specialist - x3597
Marcella Tam, Aquisitions Specialist - x3593

All phone numbers are 781-283-xxxx


  • Science Librarian

    Science Librarian and Research & Instruction Librarian for the Sciences


  • Digital Library Services Librarian

    I provide strategic oversight for library services designed to promote, facilitate access to, and encourage engagement with the College's unique digital assets.


  • Resource Sharing Specialist

    I work with libraries internationally to borrow and lend library materials for library patrons.


  • Collections Conservator

    I support access to ideas and information for all members of the College Community by prolonging the useful life of needed research resources.


  • Systems Librarian

    I investigate, implement, and manage library systems to make sure users have 24/7 access to all electronic library resources. 


  • Collections Librarian and Copyright Officer

    I am Collections Librarian for several subjects and Wellesley College’s Copyright Officer.  I advise members of the college community on all things copyright and serve as the college’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) designated agent.


  • Art Librarian

    As Art Librarian, I’m responsible for the library collections in Art and Architecture, and I provide research and instructional support for our Art Library users.


  • Music Librarian

    As the music librarian, I am responsible for developing and maintaining the music library collections and for providing research and instruction support for the study and performance of music at Wellesley.


  • Associate Curator Special Collections

    I provide course-integrated instruction to visiting classes, explaining the collections and the value of using primary sources, as well as lecture on aspects of the history of the book.


  • Curator of Special Collections

    B.A., Middlebury College; M.S., Simmons College

    Book and manuscript studies, text and image, contemporary artists' books.


  • Book Studies & Book Arts Program Director

    A.B., Bryn Mawr College; M.F.A., University of Alabama, Ph.D. Simmons College

    Expert in letterpress printing, bookbinding, and papermaking, combined with various aspects of the liberal arts.


  • Assistant Director for Discovery Services

    I oversee acquisitions and resource sharing (interlibrary loan), cataloging/metadata, e-resource management, and library systems.


  • Library Associate

    I work with both serials and monographs for Clapp and the branch libraries: ordering and receiving books, films and music in all formats, locating out of print copies, tracking periodical arrivals.


  • Database Maintenance Specialist