Ray Schmidt

LTS - Library Collections

Ray Schmidt
Manager of Cataloging & Metadata

In order for students, faculty, and researchers to use our library collections, they
need to be able to find what they’re looking for, and this is my job as Manager of
Cataloging and Metadata: to make sure all of the library’s resources are organized
and discoverable.

I am responsible for the policies, priorities, and processes for cataloging books,
journals, e-books, music, videos, images… in short, everything. A great way to
search across all the library’s “assets” -- in our databases, in the stacks, and much
more -- is to use SuperSearch.

At the core of my job is the maintenance of the “traditional” catalog -- an amazing
tool that has been built for over a century by dedicated librarians who have always
kept an eye to the future by applying careful standards in their work. I’m proud to
be part of this tradition.

At the same time, cataloging doesn’t happen in just one “place” anymore, and
this is where metadata comes in. At Wellesley, we create subject tags and data-
rich descriptions for objects in our local digital collections, such as photos in the
College Archives Image Gallery, faculty publications and honors theses in the
Digital Scholarship and Archive repository, and digitized manuscripts from Special
Collections. We tailor this metadata to the way collections are used.

One of my specialized roles is cataloging the Music Library’s CDs, videos, and
scores. I also assist in reference and circulation services at the Music Library,
where I enjoy working with all the smart, dedicated, and talented students who
staff the front desk.

My professional memberships include the American Library Association and the
Music Library Association.


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