Office 365

Microsoft Office at Wellesley College

Students can use a college-owned computer in a computing lab or classroom, or you can get MS Office 365 Pro Plus:

  • full computer installation of Office 2011 for OS X or Office 2013 for Windows
  • one-year subscription for Office 365 Online using a new account
    • full access to mobile apps
    • full access to Office via web browser

Faculty and Staff have a few options available to them for their personal computers. 

  • There is the free A2 option
    • includes free Office 365 online now
    • until December 2014: not the mobile apps, and not the full software install
  • The work from home option has a minimal cost and gives you the right to install Office on one home computer 

College-owned computers are fully licensed for either Office 2011 for Mac OS X, or Office 2010 for Windows.

How to get a copy of Office for your personally-owned device:
Students, faculty and staff can get their copy of Microsoft Office for personally-owned equipment on our online store by logging in to MyWellesley and clicking on Software Store:

  • entering students: look in your Entering Students tab under Useful Links
  • current students: look in your Students tab under Administrivia
  • current faculty and staff: look in your Employment Services tab under Administrivia

See Microsoft's "getting started" information for Office Online.

Tip: for Office 365 password resets, please call 1-888-396-1447 (6am-6pm EST) or email This password is not tied to your Wellesley College accounts directly.

For more details, please contact the Computing Help Desk.

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