Microsoft Office at Wellesley College

College-owned computers are fully licensed for either Office 2011 for Mac OS X, or Office 2010 for Windows.

Students, faculty and staff can get MS Office for your personal devices:

  • full computer installation of latest versions of Office for Mac or Windows PC
  • one-year subscription for Office 365 Online
    • full access to mobile apps
    • full access to Office via web browser
  • see the Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Office for your personally-owned device and the web:

Log in to MyWellesley and click on Software Store in the Administrivia tab.

Follow the instructions on the screen to purchase your free license and get your Office 365 Portal password if you will be installing Office on devices that have internet connectivity at least once every 30 days to keep the license valid (Faculty and staff can pick a different MS Office for a small fee in the Software Store if the internet connectivity is an issue.)

Now you can log in; also, see Microsoft's "getting started" information for Office Online.

For Office 365 password resets (note: this is not the same as your password for the Software Store, which you log in to using your Wellesley account via MyWellesley):

This password is not tied to your Wellesley College accounts directly; it is an account managed by our Software Store (Kivuto) for Microsoft.

For other support using the Software Store:


December 2014:

Existing logins changed to logins; no change to your Office 365 password.

A few people who set up accounts in the fall were notified individually about changes to their Microsoft accounts.