LTS Circulating Equipment Collection


This equipment is available to loan from the Clapp Library and may be borrowed by current Wellesley College students, faculty and staff members. 


*Laptop Loan Policy Update, Fall 2014

Please note that Mac and PC laptops will no longer be available for same day checkout and instead will require a 2-day advance reservation. Chromebooks do not require an advance reservation. If a Chromebook is available, it can be checked out to users during the interim period before their laptop reservation begins.  

New! R&R Self-Service Booking System for reserving and borrowing equipment


  • Use our self-service system by logging in to R&R Booking (this site requires VPN if off-campus):
  • Or, call x2166 or visit the Clapp Service Desk for assistance.
  • We ask that you do not make multiple reservations in a row because that limits others' access to the equipment. Instead, please request a renewal the day before or on the day the item is due.

If you are looking to place a request for a large amount of equipment, please contact Caroline Bodager by email or by phone at x3473.

To Renew

  • Renewal requests can be made one day before the equipment is due and on the day the equipment is due. This is to ensure equal access to the circulating equipment for everyone in our community.
  • Call x2166 or visit the Clapp Service Desk to request and complete a renewal.
  • We cannot guarantee a renewal; however, we will check equipment availability at the time of your request.
  • Please do not make additional, separate reservations in R&R Booking for the same piece of equipment. This does not ensure a renewal. These act as new reservations and would require you to still return the equipment you have checked out by the original due date. These additional reservations will be removed. Please contact us if you have a long term rental request and we can discuss other options available. 



To find what you need, search this page by choosing control+F (PC) or command+F (Mac) or login to R&R Booking

Circulating Equipment Documentation    Usage Notes

Marantz CF Audio Recorders

Quick Start Guide
Complete Manual

High-resolution recording with XLR  and 1/4 in. mic/line inputs.

Tascam DR-07 MKII

Quick Start Guide

Complete Manual

Hand held high resolution 2 track audio recorder with built in condenser microphones.

  • Interviews
  • Transcription
  • music applications
  • video applications

Tascam DR-40

Quick Start Guide

Complete Manual

Hand held high resolution 4 track audio recorder with built in condenser microphones and professional XLR mounts.

  • video/DSLR audio recording
  • Sennheiser mic kits
  • advanced audio kits

Tape recorder (analog)


Lavalier (microphones)

Complete Manual Wireless condenser microphones

Sennheiser Microphone Kit


Omni directional and shotgun microphones

Kit includes:

  • K6 Module base (XLR)
  • Me62 Omnidirectional mic
  • Me64 Cardiod mic
  • Me66 Super Cardiod (Shotgun) mic
  • XLR to mini (1/8) adapter


  Professional studio monitor headphones & portable headphones with microphone

Azden 4 Channel Field Mixer


Kit includes:

  • Azden FMX-42 4 Channel mixer
  • Ricoh Pistol grip
  • Wind screen (for shotgun mic)
  • XLR Cables and adaptors
  • Audio Technica headphones
  • Petrol Professional audio bag

*Advanced Kit 2 requires microphones and a recording device available separately.

Sony DCR 2000

Complete Manual 3CCD MiniDV camcorder

Canon XA10


Complete Manual

 HD 1080p video with professional XLR audio for advanced projects
  • AVCHD 1920x1080p
  • XLR and 1/8 mic inputs
  • 64gb internal memory


*demo highly recommended 

Sony HDR CX560

Quick Start Guide

Complete Manual

  • HD video (1920 x 1080/60p)
  • Full Auto & Manual controls
  • Geotagging /GPS Receiver and Navteq Maps
  • Edit in iMovie, FCP X, Premiere Pro

Kodak Zx5

User Guide

Complete Manual

Hand held HD  flip camera for general video and photography

  • up to 1080p video
  • still photography
  • underwater capability
  • image stabilizer
  • easy share to Youtube and Facebook

Fujifilm X10

Quick Start Guide

Complete Manual

Point and Shoot camera with HD video. (RAW, JPEG, 1080p)

Full Auto & Manual controls

Clickers Quick Guide (PC) 
Quick  Guide (Mac)
Kit Contents 
Faculty use only

Dongles for Macs

GPS units Instructions
Complete Manual

File Storage
Portable External HardDrives, (120GB, 320GB, 1TB)

--- For course/project work only

iPads (3 and 4)

iPods --- Also available at Music Library
Laptops, Chromebooks and Netbooks --- Mac and PC available
Laser Pointers ---  
Listening Assistance Kits ---  
MultiCard readers -
Compact Flash (CF), SD, XD
Projection Screens    
Projectors Instructions  
Cables and Adapters, Misc. Guide