Crash Plan Pro - Mac

Crash Plan Pro - Mac
  1. Connect to NTM on your mac. (Instructions here)  Select the Crashplan share on NTM. Download the CrashPlan Pro Mac OS X installer (CrashPlanPROe_Mac.dmg), saving it to your desktop (or to the downloads folder).
  2. Double click the DMG file.  This will put a disk on your desktop called "CrashPlanPROe" Double click on this disk and and installer will show in the next window.
  3. Run and click through the installer.  You may be prompted for a username and password to continue. 
  4. CrashPlan should run automatically, if not launch CrashPlan Pro from the Applications folder.
  5. Create a new account using your first name, last name, your Wellesley Domain user name and password.The installer will not allow you to proceed unless the user name and password matches that of your Domain account. Click Create Account.
  6. When the installation is complete, and the first backup begins, close all open windows and drag the installer to the trash.


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