Computer Repairs by CTS Services

The Computing Help Desk has partnered with CTS Services of Bellingham, MA to provide a convenient option for students, faculty, and staff to get their personally owned computer repaired if the Help Desk is unable to resolve the issue.  CTS Services is a local company that has been providing hardware repair support for our College-owned computers for many years. 

Students, faculty, and staff that are having trouble getting their personal computers connected to the Wellesley campus network can bring their computers to the Computing Help Desk and receive free, best-effort software support.  If the Computing Help Desk is unable to get the computer to connect to the network, or there are other problems with it, then you can choose to use CTS Services to repair the computer for a fee.

If you have any questions, please contact the Computing Help Desk at x3333, or CTS Services at 508-528-7720.

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