Google Apps for Education at Wellesley College

Terms of Service

Google Apps for Education is Wellesley College's system for email, shared documents, group discussions, courses, group websites, and more. Google separates their applications into two categories of terms of service agreements, Core Suite and Consumer applications. You can read the details of this from their website here.
Google Apps Core Suite services consist of the following applications, which are governed by a terms of service agreement between Wellesley College and Google.
Google Calendar
Google Groups
Google Talk
Google Drive
Google Sites
Google Contacts
Google Apps Vault

Google's Consumer Apps include the rest of their apps, and are governed by a terms of service agreement between you and Google. If you would like to use these consumer appications with your Wellesley Google account, you will need to agree to Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. These apps include, but are not limited to:
Chrome Web Store
Fusion Tables
Google Chrome Sync
Google Code
Google Map Maker
Google Maps
Google Moderator
Google Reader
Google Takeout
Partner Dash
Picasa Web Albums (Google+)