iDVD supports up to 90 minutes of video per disc.

Projects over 60 minutes will have lower visual quality due to the higher compression required. Limit your project to 60 minutes for best results.

Please note: if you just shared your movie from iMovie, you do not need to create a new project; a new project is created automatically. Start at the Themes section to edit your movie, or proceed directly to Burning a DVD if you want to finish your project.

Creating a new project
iDVD Preferences
Creating your own theme
Editing The Background Title
Editing Menu Titles
Creating a Slideshow
Finish Your Project

Creating A New Project

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iDVD Preferences

Before starting to create your iDVD project you should check the preferences.

  1. Go the iDVD menu, and scroll down to Preferences . Make sure Show drop zones and Show Apple logo watermark are checked. Also Use theme default values and Check for iDVD updates automatically .

  2. Click on Projects .
  3. Under Video Mode , check the preference which best suits you. NTSC is the American Standard. PAL is the European Standard. Under Encoding , make sure Enable Background Encoding is checked.
  4. Click on Movies . Make sure to check Always ask .
  5. Close the window.

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You can change the default theme of your DVD project. To select from all available themes, make sure the title above the preview of themes says All .

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Creating Your Own Theme

Changing the Background Theme to an Image

You can create your own image and import it into your iDVD project, and import an image that has already been created.

  1. Go to File -> Import -> Image . The image you are importing must be in JPEG or GIF format.
  2. Navigate to your image and click Open .
  3. Your image should now appear in the background of your dvd project

Changing The Background To A Movie

  1. Go to File -> Import and select Background Video .
  2. Navigate to your movie and click Open .
  3. Your movie should now appear in the background of your dvd project.

Changing Audio In The Background

  1. Go to File - > Import and select Audio . Navigate to your playlist-on and select the song.
  2. Click Import .

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  1. To change the settings of your DVD project such as motion duration, background and title, click on the Menu button at the bottom of the window.
  2. If your theme has motion you can select the duration of the motion with Motion Duration field (max. 20 seconds). If you added audio you may want to adjust the volume.

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Editing The Background Title

  1. Click on Menu to change the content, position, font, color and size of the title.
  2. To change the title text, double click on the title of the theme slide you chose and you can edit the text. You can have no title by deleting all the text in the title area.

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Editing Menu Titles

  1. Double click on scene selection. You will be brought to a new screen that displays your menu items.
  2. Click on Menu to change the position, font, color and size of the menu items.
  3. To change the menu item text, click on each item once and you can edit the text.

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Creating a Slideshow

  1. Click on the arrow pointing down by the + button on the left of the iDVD screen.
  2. Select Add Slideshow.
  3. A menu titled My Slideshow will appear on the screen.
  4. Double click on the text My Slideshow .
  5. Click and drag all your images from the Desktop (or where you have them stored) to the Slideshow window.  
  6. If you would like the slideshow to run automatically, click on the arrow next to Slide Duration and change it from manual to 1, 3, 5 or 10 seconds.
  7. If you would like to Loop Slideshow , Display Navigation , or Add files to DVD-ROM , click the wheel-like button titled Settings and check the options. Click ok.
  8. To make sure your slideshow will be visible on most TV sets, go to the iDVD menu and scroll down to Preferences . Click Slideshow , and select Always Scale Slides to TV Safe area .

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Finishing Your Project

Please consult the Burning a DVD instructions to complete your project.

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