iTunes-Creating Playlists

  1. Click on the '+' button, , located in the lower left hand corner of the iTunes window to create a Playlist. A new item untitled playlist appears under the Source column.

  2. Type in a name for your playlist.

  3. With your newly created playlist selected, you can drag and drop audio files, including .aiff files, into the main window.

  4. Rearrange the files in the exact order you would like to listen to them.

    If you intend to burn your playlist onto a CD, keep in mind that a 650MB
    CD-R can fit about 74 minutes of music, or about 20 songs. Some discs allow 80 minutes, 700 MB, of music. If you have .aiff files in your playlist, iTunes automatically converts them into standard audio files before they are written to CD. See Burning a CD for more information.

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