iTunes-Burning Audio CDs

  1. Create a playlist of the audio files that you wish to burn. Arrange the files in the exact order you would like them to be on the CD. Keep in mind that you can fit about 74 minutes of music, or about 20 songs, on a 650 MB CD-R disc. Some discs allow 80 minutes (700 MB) of music.
  2. Under the iTunes menu, choose Preferences .
    burn preferences
  3. In the window that pops up, click on the Advanced button and choose Burning .
  4. For Preferred Speed, choose Maximum Possible .
  5. Set the Disc Format to Audio CD .
  6. For Gap Between Songs , select the number of seconds you would like between each track.
  7. If you would like iTunes to automatically adjust all the songs' playback volume to the same level, check Use Sound Check .
  8. Click OK .
  9. In the iTunes window, select the playlist you want to burn to the CD.Then click the Burn Disc button in the upper right hand corner.

    You can only burn a CD from the songs in a playlist.

    If a playlist contains more songs than will fit on the CD, iTunes will only burn as many songs as will fit on the disc. The size of the selected playlist is shown at the bottom of the iTunes window. You may need to create more than one playlist and burn each one to a CD.

  10. Insert a blank CD-R disc and click Burn Disc again.

    If you plan to play the CD on a consumer CD player, you need to use a blank CD-R disc, not a CD-RW disc.

    It may take several minutes to write an audio CD. You can cancel the burn by clicking the X next to the progress bar, but since you can use CD-R discs only once, you won't be able to use the CD after canceling.

For more information, go to Help > iTunes and Music Store Help > Contents > Burning CDs or DVDs > Creating your own audio CDs .

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