OS X v. 10.9 - Mavericks

At this time, LTS does not recommend upgrading Macs to OS X v.10.9 (Mavericks) due to the software incompatibilities listed below.  If you have upgraded to Mavericks, please see the warnings below each listed issue for details.  We will keep this page updated with the latest results of our testing.

Known compatibility issues (last updated 5/20/14):

  • Java for web applications such as Banner ERP, Nolij, etc.
    • Upgrading to Mavericks breaks the Java 6 compatibility that was already installed on your computer.
    • Run this Java for OS X 2013-005 from Apple Downloads to restore Java 6 functionality.

Resolved compatibility issues (last updated 1/29/14):

  • Cisco NAC / Clean Access Agent, On-campus Network Authentication.
    • We have upgraded our network so that Cisco NAC is no longer needed for Macs, so this is no longer an issue.
  • Cisco AnyConnect Client, Off-campus SSL VPN & Secure SSL VPN access
    • Previously installed versions will auto-update when you login to AnyConnect.
    • You can also download the new version from our Mac OS X install directions for SSL VPN, or Secure SSL VPN


Faculty/staff who would like to be notified when the incompatibilities are resolved may contact the Help Desk.  We would be happy to assist you with the upgrade process once your software requirements are cleared compatible with Mavericks.  If you have already upgraded via the App Store and have concerns about software, please contact the Help Desk.

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