Setting Up to Print to a Multi Function Device (MFD) / Copier

Note: these instructions are for Administrative staff and faculty MFDs only. All Computing Labs print through Papercut.


Mac Installation Instructions
You will need a few details to complete the setup. If these are not posted on the MFD, check with your department's MFD contact ("Key Operator"), or you can contact the Help Desk to have someone get back to you with that information.
  • Model (e.g., Konica Minolta 454)
  • Queue (e.g., mlib2g)
  • Finisher (e.g., FS-534)
  • Paper Source (e.g., PC410)

Install the drivers

  1. If you aren't sure what version of OS X your Mac is running, go to the Apple () menu, choose About This Mac). Download the appropriate drivers below:

  2. The installers download as a "DMG" or "ZIP" file. Double-click on the downloaded file, then double-click on the installer inside. (Note: for OS X 10.8-10.10, you need to hold down the Control key when you click once on the installer, then click Open.)  For the OSX 10.10-10.11 installers, a new page will open.  Select the driver for the model of printer you need download the appropriate DMG file and run the PKG installer inside.

  3. Click through the installer and input your password when prompted.

  4. For the Xerox drivers, when it begins to search for a printer click Continue, then Continue again.

  5. When the installation is complete, close all open windows and drag the installer to the trash.

Install the MFD:

  1. Open System Preferences (located under the Apple menu on the top left corner or on your Dock), then Print & Fax (or Print& Scan).

  2. Make sure the lock icon is unlocked. If it is showing as locked, click it and enter the username and password you use to log in to the computer.

  3. Click on the "+" sign on the left to add a new printer.

  4. Click the Advanced tab. You may have to wait for the information to populate; if you have no Advanced tab, you may need to add it. Otherwise skip to the next step.

    1. The Add Printer pane shows several Protocol types (IP, Windows, etc.) in the toolbar. Right-click the toolbar and choose Customize Toolbar. (If you do not have right click configured on your mouse, hold the control key on your keyboard and click instead)

    2. Drag the cog wheel labeled Advanced to the toolbar.

    3. Click Done, then click the Advanced tab

  5. On the Advanced tab:

    1. Choose Windows from the Type pop-up menu. 

    2. ​(Note: if you are unable to select a Type, cancel, and restart your Mac; when you get back to this step in the instructions, the Type fields will populate)

    3. In the URL field, type the printer's address: smb://<name of print queue> (e.g., smb://

    4. In the Name field, type the name you would like to use for this printer in Mac OS X.

    5. Choose the appropriate printer driver from the Use or Print Using pop-up menu. Select Select Printer Software and a new window will open, allowing you to choose the model of the MFD. You can filter your search by entering the MFD's model in the search box.  Select the model whose driver you installed earlier, then click Add.

    6. Select the appropriate Finisher and Paper Source Unit that you found in the Preparation step above, if there is one.

    7. Click OK to complete the one-time install of the MFD printer.

Set as Default Printer (Optional)


You can print to the MFD any time by selecting it for any print job you wish to send to it from your Mac, or you can set it to be the default.

  1. Open "System Preferences" by clicking the the Apple button in the top left and select  "System Preferences". Then open "Print and Fax/Scan".

  2. Change the Default Printer to your desired printer in the dropdown menu.

  3. The chosen printer should now have Default listed under it in the printer list

Print a test document


  1. You will be prompted for Authentication; use your usual Wellesley username and password

  2. If your job does not print, check the printer's queue on your computer to see if the job is held for authentication; if so, tell it to resume the job and it should prompt you to authenticate. Enter your username like this: "Wellesley\username" in the username field.

  3. If your MFD uses Account Tracking, you will need to set that up. As of March 2015:

    1. Founders (all)

    2. CRW (all)

    3. Green Hall: mGRH2c, mGRH2d, mGRH3h

    4. Jewett: mJAC2a

    5. Pendleton: mPNE2a, mPNE3a, mPNE3b

    6. Science Center: mSCI1a, mSCI1b, mSTC3a

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