OmniPage Pro is scanning software that allows you to scan text into an editable format such as a Microsoft Word document. The documents that you scan can include images and tables, but should consist mainly of text that you wish to edit.

Where to find this software

OmniPage Pro X can be found in several locations on campus including the Science Center Faculty Resource Room (the Cave), the Mini-Focus, and stations 22-23 in the Knapp Media and Technology Center.

How to scan text

Make sure the scanner is turned on. If for some reason the scanner is not turned on, shut down the computer, turn the scanner on and then turn the computer back on. The scanner must be turned on BEFORE the computer.

1. To Launch OmniPage Pro X

Go to Macintosh HD > Applications > OmniPage Pro X > OmniPage Pro X .

2. Place the text document to be scanned face down on the scanner. The page should line up with the arrow on the top right corner of the scanner.

3. Under the OmniPage Pro X menu, select Preferences.

4. Preferences should match the picture below. If the Preferences are set correctly, click Cancel .(It is important that the Selected Scanner be set to Epson Twain 5 and that Resolution reads 200 dpi ).

Note : If the settings do not match the picture above, then please adjust Preferences :

    • Select the Scanner icon in the left tool bar.
    • In the Scanner box, click Select . Then, in the Manufacturer column choose (TWAIN driver) , and click OK . (Make sure the scanner selected is Epson Twain 5 ).
    • In the Scanning box, change the Resolution to 200 dpi .
    • Click Save , to finalize any changes.

5. There should be a toolbar on the computer screen that looks like this:

6. The settings should be set to match the screen shot above:

    • Under Box 1 , indicated by a scanner icon, select Scan in B&W.
      • To make the changes to any of the settings, click on the up and down arrows and select the appropriate option.
    • Language should be to " English (US) ".
      • To change language: Go to Preferences > ABC Spelling > Main language: (choose appropriate language option). Click Save .
    • The Lay Out setting should be " Mixed Pages ".
    • The Style setting should be " True Pages ".
    • Under Box 2 icon, OCR & Proof should be selected.
    • Under Box 3 , " To File... " should be selected.

7. Finally, click on the Blue 1-2-3 arrow on the left side of the toolbar to scan your image.

8. After a few seconds, you will hear the whirring of the scanner. When the scanner is finished scanning the document, three windows will open on the screen. The left window contains a list of documents that you have scanned. The center window contains your document divided into zones (you should ignore this window). The last window is the OCR Proofreader, which works like a spellchecker. ( If OCR Proofreader does not launch immediately after recognizing the document, then you can go to Edit > Proofread OCR .)

9. The proofreader will go through the document like a spellchecker. Make any corrections needed by typing them in the Change to: field and then clicking on Change .

Note : Even if text appears readable and correct in the larger window showing your actual document, do not assume you should Ignore any corrections. Check to see how accurately the Proofreader is recognizing words in the Change To: field and make changes as needed.

10. When Proofreader is done checking your document, a window will appear saying "OCR Proofreader is Finished checking the document". Click OK .

11. An " Export " dialog box will appear. If it does not appear, got to File > Export...

  •  In the " Save As: " field, type in a name for your document.
    • In the " Where " field, select where you want to save your document. (For your convenience, it might be best to change the save location to "Desktop")
    • In the "Save Format" field, select the type of file you want (such as "Word 98, 2001, X").
    • If you have changed the format from an OmniPage document and plan on scanning multiple pages, make sure " Create One File for All Pages " is selected.
    • Click Save .

12. To scan additional pages:

  • Click the Blue 1-2-3 Arrow .
  • A window labeled " OCR Instructions " will appear. Select the " Load and Process Additional Pages " option. Click OK .
  • Repeat steps 5 through 12 until your document is done scanning. (Note: You can use the same name for your document each time, clicking Replace after every page).

12. When you are finished with OmniPage, from the OmniPage Pro X menu, select Quit OmniPage Pro X .

13. Your file has been saved in the format that you chose and can be opened in the appropriate application. (For example: If you saved your file as a Microsoft Word document, you can open the file in Word and edit it as if it were any other Word document.)


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