Office Moves : Computing Equipment Only

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For individual office moves, LTS requires 2 business days' notice.
Please fill out the form below as completely as possible. Once the form is received, LTS Staff will contact you to review the information provided.

For multiple movesplease use this Google Spreadsheet template. After opening the spreadsheet go to File > Make a copy. Once you have saved a copy to your Drive, please share the spreadsheet with, and The spreadsheet includes an Instructions sheet with information on how to fill it out. Once the spreadsheet is complete, LTS staff will contact you to review the information provided.

*Please note - Fields with a red * indicate a required field, these fields must be filled in or the form will not submit properly. If you do not have the info for any given required field, please enter N/A or Unknown.


STOP! After you click submit, confirm that a "successfully submitted" message appears in place of the form (you may have to scroll up in your browser). If not, you may find missed required fields highlighted. Please fill in these fields and click submit again.

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