Setting up your personally-owned Mac

to print to Computing Lab Printers

To install PaperCut MF on your computer so that you can print to the Computing Lab printers, please follow these directions.  Once setup, you can print from applications like normal, then you will be prompted to login to PaperCut.  After sending your job to PaperCut you may visit any of the Computing Labs and print your job directly from the MFD.


Install the PaperCut MF Client

Note: if you installed PaperCut before Summer 2013, you have PaperCut NG and incorrect printer settings.  You should remove it, and unistall the Community printer.  PaperCut MF is required to use computing lab printers as of Fall 2013.
  1. If you already have PaperCut and are installing to troubleshoot or upgrade, please quit Papercut and drag it from Applications to the Trash

  2. If you are not on campus, you will need to use the VPN for the next step

  3. Open Finder, then navigate to Go > Connect to Server... (or Command+K)

  4. Type (or copy and paste) smb:// (for PaperCut Client)

  5. Enter your domain credentials (the same username and password you use for MyWellesley or Wellesley Google mail)

  6. Select the mac folder, then double-click the client-local-install file (unless you have OS X 10.6 or older, in which case you need the installer in the Legacy folder)

  7. Click Yes in Install PCCLient into the Applications Folder? window.

  8. The PaperCut client will now be copied to your Mac’s Applications folder. (If you have an old version of Mac OS X, you will get an error message; look back at the previous steps - you need a Legacy installer)
  9. After the client has been copied, it will automatically launch.  In the login popup window, log in with your Wellesley account and password.
  10. After logging in, you will see the PaperCut client window appear in the top right of your screen.
  11. Open your Mac's System Preferences and select Accounts or Users and Groups.
  12. Select your account and go to the Login Items tab.
  13. Click the "+" button to add an item.
  14. Browse to locate the PCClient you just installed in the Applications Folder and double-click it to have it added to the list of Login Items.
  15. Check the box next to it, and close System Preferences.

Add the PaperCut Printer to OS X

  1. Download the PapercutMFcommunity printer setup (last updated: 11/12/14)
    Also please note, if you have upgraded to Yosemite and already had the Community printer installed, please remove it before running the Yosemite installer.
  2. After it successfully downloads, if your browser does not launch the PapercutMFcommunity.pkg, run it
  3. Click through the installation, entering your computer password when prompted; if you get an "Unidentified Developer" message, open your Downloads in Finder and Control-click on the installer, then click Open.
  4. Click Close when the installation says it was successful


When you wish to print a document.

  1. Open any application and request to print a document or website.
  2. Select Community as your printer and click Print*.
  3. Enter your Wellesley username and password if asked to log in to Papercut.
  4. Click Print in the Papercut Print Job Notification window.
  5. You will then receive a popup stating your document is awaiting release. Click OK.
  6. You may now go to a Release Station next to one of the PaperCut printers and release your job to be printed.

* The printer will print 2-sided (duplex) by default. If you need a job to print single-sided, before clicking Print select Layout and change that to Printer Features, then change the Feature Set from General to Finishing Options 1. There you can change the 2-sided option.

Mac OS X 10.8 "Unidentified developer" fix

If you receive this error message while trying to install PaperCut on OS X 10.8, please follow the directions below to disable and re-enable the OS X 10.8 application installation security settings.

  1. Open System Preferences and click on Security & Privacy.
  2. Click on the lock in the bottom left of the window to make changes, and enter your computer's login password and click Unlock.
  3. Under "Allow applications downloaded from" select Anywhere, then click Allow from anywhere in the popup window that appears.
  4. Complete the PaperCut Client install directions above.
  5. Go back to this System Preference window, and set the "Allow applications downloaded from" setting back to Mac App Store and identified developers" and click Apply.
  6. Quit System Preferences.