Printing Updates

January 2015 News - new, easier Google Cloud Printing and change in color printing

Some public printing highlights:

  • Send jobs to Community, release them at the multi-funcion printers in the libraries (Clapp, Science, Art, Music) or in the Wang Campus Center.
  • You can scan documents to email without it affecting your PaperCut allotment of points.
  • You can print, copy and scan to email in the Wang Campus Center.
  • Non-Wellesley guests (visiting scholars, summer programs, etc.) can copy and print for a fee using PaperCut on our community printers.
Black and white printing is free (without a limit) for all students for the Spring 2015 semester; there is a fee for color printing, now handled at the Clapp and Science Library service desks.  Faculty and staff printing outside of these locations remains unchanged.
Your PaperCut account details are available by logging into the web portal with your Wellesley domain account:

Instructions for Using the MFDs
To view instructions below, you must be logged into your Wellesley Gmail account.

The following instructions will be updated soon to reflect the changes for Spring 2015.

PaperCut FAQs
What is the purpose of PaperCut?
Colleges implementing print management software often report an immediate reduction in printing volume due to the reduction of waste. Our Spring 2013 data showed a measurable reduction in the previous 3 million pages per year printing rate. 
How do I print to a community printer?
To print to one of these community printers, you will print to a generic printer queue. You can then release your print job from any of these printers (over the next 12 hours) by logging into the printer with your Wellesley domain account.  Logging into a printer is immediate; you will see all jobs you have submitted in the last 12 hours, and can choose which ones you would like to print. 
Where can I print with Papercut?
PaperCut is available in the following locations:
LCW Campus Center Student Resource Room
Clapp Library: Reference Room, Knapp Center, Computing Classroom
Science Center: Science Library, 1st and 2nd floor kiosk stations
Pendleton: Social Science Labs 327/327a
Jewett: Art and Music Libraries
Why does it say I only have X balance?
Papercut assigns each person an allotment based on the average number of pages printed by Wellesley students per semester.  Increase requests can be made by using the Papercut Allotment Increase form linked above.
Why is my balance represented in points? Am I being charged?
You are not being charged for the black & white pages you print through Papercut. Increase requests can be made (without charge) by using the Papercut Allotment Increase for linked above. You can use the points tracking to help you track your impact on the environment.
Color printing is $0.20 per sheet and, as of Spring 2015, is not through Papercut.  See the Spring 2015 announcement at the top of this page for details about printing in color to the new printers at the Clapp and Science Library Service Desks.

For students: Color printing charges may be paid in cash or posted to your Library account. Any unpaid color printing charges will be forwarded to Student Financial Services in December and May.

For faculty/staff: Charges may be paid in cash or journaled to your department.

What features are available to me?
With the web interface, available at this website:, you can precisely track your printing usage over the course of a semester. PaperCut can display your printing trends, environment impact, job history, jobs you have submitted for release and more. Due to privacy concerns, PaperCut does not store the actual print jobs after they are released to the printer. 
How long do I have between printing a document and releasing it?
PaperCut stores print requests for 12 hours before removing them if they are not released. After 12 hours, the print job is deleted from the server.
What if I have questions?
Email with any questions or feedback. If you need help setting up to print, please visit the Computing Help Desk in Clapp Library.