Adobe Home Use

Faculty and staff at Wellesley are able to install Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection on a personally-owned computer / laptop to facilitate your ability to work off campus.

  1. See Adobe's rules to understand the limitations for installation and use of the software at home.
  2. Make sure your personal computer meets the system requirements listed online.  (Please note: some of the software requires a 64-bit operating system)
  3. Get your individual serial number by electronically signing the Home Use license agreement.
    • Log into MyWellesley and go to Employment Services, Administrivia section on the right, and click Adobe CS6 Suite License for Home Use.
    • If you are doing this from off-campus you must be connected to the SSL VPN or Secure SSL VPN first.
  4. Download and install the 30-day trial Adobe CS6 Master Collection suite.
    • Download the installers for Mac OS X, or Windows ( Part 1 and Part 2)
    • These installers are over 6GB each, so if you are on a slow internet connection at home, consider downloading while on campus and bring it home on a USB Flash Drive.
    • If you don't have an Adobe ID, set one up using you Wellesley email
    • If you only want Acrobat, you must include one other application when you install the Master Collection for the license to install properly.
    • Uninstall older Adobe Suite products first (CS3 or CS5).
    • If you have Mac OS X 10.7, and are upgrading, you will need to rename the folder "/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Profiles" to avoid a ColorSync error message during installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the MyWellesley Administrivia channel?
A: Log in to MyWellesley, then check the Employment Services tab. It's on the right.

Q: Can I get my serial number while I'm at home?
A: Yes. The app where you sign the license and get your serial number requires on-campus network access, which you can do from home via the SSL VPN.

Q: What if I have a slow internet connection at home?
A: The installer for the Master Collection is very large and will take quite some time to download. You can do the download on campus and put it on a flash drive, if you have one that's big enough (8gb may be large enough, but at least 16gb is safer).

Q: What if I need to install it on more than one personally-owned computer?
A: Our license only allows us to provide you with one. If you need another, you can purchase that at an educational discount

Q: I need help downloading and/or installing the trial software
A: Please see Adobe's trial support, and contact our Help Desk if you will need assistance

Q: What if my personal computer is not powerful enough to run Adobe CS6?
A: We can't solve this problem for you, but the Help Desk can provide advice in your decision to upgrade, purchase a new computer, or do without CS6 at home

Q: What if I didn't get the license serial number from Wellesley before I started the trial?
A: Without a serial number, you must select the 30-day trial installation; later, when you get the license information, enter it the next time you see the prompt for it when you launch one of the Adobe suite products

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