For materials that are not copyright protected (e.g. recordings of lectures or special events, films that you have made yourself, etc.).  Materials with copyrights need to be put on e-reserve.

  1. Make sure that the clip is in a format appropriate for webstreaming, such as Quicktime or Flash.  The streaming template is set up for a movie that is 640 x 480.  If the movie is a different size, you will have to change the window dimensions to get it to display properly.  If you need to change the format of the clip, you have several options:
    • To convert from DVD or another digital format, you can use Handbrake (no editing capabilities) or iMovie (converts the format in realtime, but has editing capabilities)
    • To convert from VHS, DV tape, or mini DV tape, use iMovie.  DV tape players are available at stations in the Knapp center.
  2. Upload the movie to the Resources folder of the Sakai site.  If it is larger than 100 MB, you will need to use a WebDAV client to upload it (a 20 minute Quicktime movie is 400-600 MB).  If you have trouble uploading the file in a WebDAV client, please contact the Help Desk, x3333.
    • Note: If you need the source file for the movie to be hidden so that it cannot be downloaded, please contact Mac Stewart .
  3. Download the html template for the streaming page.  Please note that it is a zip file.  You will have to uncompress it to access the file.
  4. Open the template in a basic word editor, such as NotePad or TextEdit, or in Dreamweaver.
  5. Replace the default "Title 1" with the title of the movie, and "Title 2" with any secondary titles, the date of the clip, or any other information you wish to include.  If you don't want to include that information, you can delete the field.
  6. Locate the URL for the movie file in Sakai:
    1. In the Resources folder, from the Actions drop-down next to the movie select Edit Details .  
    2. At the bottom of the page is a field names Web Address (URL) .  Highlight the URL or click on Select URL (for copying) and copy it.
  7. In the html template, locate the embed src field (line 34). Replace <-- Paste link here --> with the Sakai URL.  Make sure that the URL is in quotation marks.
  8. At the bottom of the page, replace <-- Your Name --> with your name.  If you do not want to be the primary contact for the page, you can delete the field.   Replace <--Today's Date--> with the date.  The Last Modified field is set up to automatically update every time you save a change to the page, so you will not need to modify that.
  9. Save the html page and upload it to your site's Resources.
Important Notes:
  • Be sure to test the page before announcing it's availability.
  • Never edit the html page in Sakai.  The built-in html editor is buggy and will overwrite all of the formating.  If you need to make changes, modify your original file and re-upload it.