Choose a specific page, the first or last page of the document, using the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. The green Back and Forward buttons go back/forward through the document in the order you viewed the pages. Fit the page width or both width and height using the buttons near the top of the screen, or choose a specific magnification.

Zoom into a specific part of a page: Move/resize the small red box in the Pages panel or use the magnifying glass tool.

Acrobat toolbars: Choose View > Toolbars .

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Adding, Deleting, Moving Pages

Extract pages from a PDF: In the Pages panel, choose Options > Extract Pages... The extracted pages will become a new PDF, but will not removed from the original PDF unless you indicate that you'd like them to be deleted.

Delete pages: In the Pages panel, click to select the pages to be deleted, choose Options > Delete Pages...

Add pages: In the Pages panel, choose Options > Insert Pages...

Copy pages: click and drag pages from the Pages panel of one PDF to the Pages panel of another PDF.

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Modifying/Extracting from a PDF

Extract material from a PDF: Select File > Save As... , then choose a format. Whenever possible, use the original document that created the PDF.

Editing text in a PDF: Use the TouchUp Text Tool found in the toolbar, or select Tools > Advanced Editing > TouchUp Text Tool . The TouchUp Object Tool will let you move items around on the page. You can also select text by using the Select tool.


Number pages: In the Pages panel, choose Options > Number Pages...

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Additional Tips for Microsoft Word

If your Microsoft Word document contains headings and styles, they can be turned into bookmarks in the PDF version by choosing, in Word, Adobe PDF > Convert to PDF . To determine which headings and styles become Bookmarks, in Word choose Adobe PDF > Change Conversion Settings , click the Settings or Bookmarks tab.


If you want additional control over the PDF, in particular, fonts, resolution, and color, click the Advanced Settings... button, or in Acrobat, select Advanced > Adobe Distiller .


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Filling out a PDF Form

Some PDF forms are set up to be filled out using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If a form is set up in this way, you'll be able to type directly in the form fields, then save the document as a PDF. In the full version of Acrobat, fields can be highlighted, making them more obvious.

To turn a paper form into a PDF, scan the document, saving it as a PDF. Open the PDF using Adobe Acrobat (the full version), then select the TouchUp Text tool.

Ctrl+click (on a PC) or Option+click (on a Mac) where you'd like the new text to appear. Choose a font and orientation, then begin typing in the new text. When the form is completed, select File > Save .

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Web Site --> PDF

Convert a web page or site into a PDF: select Create PDF > From Web Page... . Select 1 or more levels of the site to download, or click Get entire site . To preserve links, click Settings , and under the General tab, select Create bookmarks . Under the Page Layout tab , you can choose to how to handle large pages under Scaling .


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Create a bookmark: Select text on a page, in the Bookmarks panel, choose Options > New Bookmark (or Ctrl+b on a PC, command+b on a Mac). A bookmark will display the part of the page visible when the bookmark is created. For example, if a page is viewed at 200% magnification when a bookmark is created, clicking on that bookmark will navigate to the page selected, viewed at 200%.

Re-order bookmarks: In the Bookmarks panel, click and drag bookmarks up and down in the list.

Change a bookmark's link: Navigate to the page where the revised bookmark should link to, in the Bookmarks panel, choose a bookmark, then select Options > Set Bookmark Destination .

Bookmarks can also perform Actions, like opening a web page. in the Bookmarks panel, choose a bookmark, then select Options > Properties . Click the Actions tab. Next to Select Action: choose Open a web link, click Add..., fill in the URL, click OK .


Links can be created on PDF pages. Select Tools > Advanced Editing > Link Tool , then click and drag a box where the link should appear. In the Create Link window, select Open a web page, click Next, type/paste in the URL, click OK .


To automatically create web links from URLs in a PDF: Choose Advanced > Links > Create from URLs in document...

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To limit users' ability to change or print your PDF, select Document > Security > Show Security Settings for This Document... In the Document Properties window , under the Security tab, you can restrict printing, editing, and/or add a password.



Acrobat's editing/commenting features are helpful when sharing documents between several users and changes need to be retained. Items from the Commenting toolbar and Comments panel are visible in Reader but do not appear when printed.

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