Installing the new Cisco NAC Agent for Windows

  1. Print these directions as you will need to close all open web browsers and other applications for the install.
  2. Download the Cisco NAC Agent installer and save it to your computer.
  3. Right-click on the Clean Access Agent icon in your system tray and select Exit .
    NOTE: This will disconnect you from the network , so please save any data you are working on that may require network access. This may include Banner ERP, FirstClass, MeetingMaker, NTM, or Vault.
  4. Close all open programs, including any instant messaging programs.
  5. Double-click on the downloaded nacagent.msi file to start the installer.
  6. You may see a popup window asking to close a few open programs.  Please close the listed programs and click Retry . Clicking Ignore may corrupt the install.  Some programs may be in the system tray, and you should be able to close those by right-clicking on them and selecting Exit.
  7. In the Cisco NAC Agent Installation Wizard screen, click Next .
  8. In the License Agreement screen, select “ I accept ” then click Next.
  9. In the Setup Type screen, select Complete then click Next.
  10. In the Ready to Install the Program window, click Install .
  11. Click Finish to complete the installation.

Your computer now has the updated Cisco NAC Agent installed and will launch to prompt you to login.

  1. After the Cisco NAC Agent is installed, you will be prompted to login using your Domain Account, just like the old Clean Access Agent. As a reminder, your Domain Account is the account that you use to log into Windows computers in the Computing Labs and offices, not your FirstClass account..
    For better security of your Domain Account , we strongly recommend against selecting the Remember Me checkbox.
    NAC Login Window
  2. Just like with the Clean Access Agent, if your computer does not meet the security requirements necessary to grant you access to the Wellesley College network, you will be given temporary access. This type of access limits your network connection to sites and services that allow you to correct these security issues. Instructions for each requirement needing to be met will be given so that you can easily update your computer and get onto the network.
  3. Otherwise, you'll see a Success screen and be granted full network access. Click OK .
    NAC Windows Successful Login

When the Clean Access servers are upgraded to the new NAC servers, you will not have to install an updated Agent. You will, however, be disconnected from the Clean Access servers and then prompted to login to the new NAC servers. During this brief period, you will lose network access and may need to reconnect to any network services you were using, such as FirstClass, MyWellesley, or MeetingMaker.

The new NAC servers will have the same security checks as the current Clean Access servers. The checks are for Windows Updates, Windows Automatic Update settings, anti-virus protection, and Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.

As with the current Clean Access servers, each time your computer is turned off or disconnected from the network for more than 20 minutes, you will be prompted by the Cisco NAC Agent to re-authenticate with your Domain Account. If your computer is left connected to the network 24/7 for an entire week, the NAC Agent will log you out so your computer can be checked to be sure that it continues to meet the security requirements.