Anti-virus protection on NTM and Vault

NTM and Vault Anti Virus Protection
A file will be scanned when it is opened for the first time. Initial access will be a bit slower, but once it has been scanned for the first time, it will open normally.
When does scanning occur?
Virus scanning is triggered when a file is opened, renamed, or modified and closed. It does not scan a file when it is saved, but when it is closed. Newly-created files are scanned only when they are closed.

What kind of files are scanned?
All common file extensions are scanned. If you have a question about whether a particular file type is scanned, please contact the Help Desk, x3333.

What happens if a file is infected?
The file will be automatically deleted; you will receive an error message  that the file cannot be found.

What happens if two users access a file at the same time?
They will share the same scan results. For example, if User A opens a file and triggers a scan, which is launched. If User B tries to open the same file simultaneously, a second scan is not launched, instead the in-progress scan finishes.