Scan Text for Editing (Windows)

OmniPage Pro

OmniPage Pro is scanning software that allows you to scan text into an editable format such as a Microsoft Word document. The documents that you scan can include images and tables, but should consist mainly of text that you wish to edit.

Where to find this software

OmniPage Pro 11.0 can be found in several locations on campus including the Science Library, and stations 19-21 in the Knapp Media and Technology Center.

How to scan text

Make sure the scanner is turned on. If for some reason the scanner is NOT turned on, shut down the computer, turn the scanner on and then turn the computer back on. The scanner must be turned on BEFORE the computer.

  1. Launch OmniPage Pro . (Start -> All Programs -> SoftScan OmniPage Pro 11.0)
  2. Place the text document to be scanned face down on the scanner. The page should line up with the arrow on the top right corner of the scanner.
  3. You should see a toolbar on the computer screen that looks like this:

  4. The settings should be set as follows:
    • AutoOCR should be selected.
    • Under Get Page, select what color scheme the scan should be in.
    • Under Perform OCR, Automatic should be selected.
    • Under Export Results, Save as File should be selected.
  5. If you are scanning in a language other than English go to Tools -> Options -> OCR . Check the languages you wish to use in the left-hand side of the window.
  6. Finally, click on the blue Start arrow on the right of the toolbar to scan your image.
  7. After a few seconds, you'll hear the whirring of the scanner.
  8. After the first page is scanned, the OCR proofreader will open. Move the window out of the way and ignore this until you are done scanning all your pages.
  9. Put the next page on the scanner.
  10. Press Scan Now .
  11. Repeat steps 7 through 10 until your document is done scanning.
  12. Find the OCR proofreader window and press resume. The proofreader will go through the document like a spellchecker. Make any corrections needed by typing the corrections in the Change to: field and then clicking on Change .
  13. When the check is finished a window will appear saying OCR Proofreading is Complete. Click OK .
  14. Once you've finished proofreading your pages, a Save As dialog box will appear
    • In the Save In field, select where you want to save the file
    • In the File name field, type a file name
    • In the Save as type field, select the type of file you want (such as Microsoft Word)
    • Click OK and the file will be exported and will open in the application you saved it to. 
  15. When the document is done saving, it will open in the application you saved it to. You can work on your document further in that application.
  16. When you are finished with OmniPage, from the File menu, select Exit


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